Sunday, 19 January 2020

ValleyCon 2020

So a lazy blog post from me because I spent the weekend running a Team Yankee competition at our annual club event and hanging out with blogger Scotty, while he ran the 40K event. I was going to paint. That didn't happen. I did have some nice food, caught up with a bunch of people and had a ball watching the TY. So, instead, you get a bunch of photos of the armies and models to look at, none of which are mine!

Team Yankee - Army Parade

Blogger McBeth's Brits
Blogger Tank's Israelis
Blogger Scotty's West German Leopard 1s
Russian T64s
Blogger Pelarel's British
An Iraqi-American Alliance
Blogger Pooch's IPM1s 
A Franco-British Alliance
Wargamer on Tour's Czechs
East Germans and Best Army winner
US Marines - Commended Painting
Blogger Richard's Russians
Blogger Pooch's US Airborne
Berlin Brigade British

Team Yankee Army Parade Highlights

Blogger Pooch's Sheridans and M60s
Blogger McBeth's Chieftans
Blogger Tank's Pereh Missile Tanks
M60s with modelled ERA
Berlin Brigade Chieftans
The Best Army Objectives
Iraqi Hinds
Wargamer on Tour's Frogfoots...Frogfeet....planes. 

Team Yankee - Highlights

Marine Artillery
Les Mirages!! 
Wargamer on Tour's Czechs attacking! 
Blogger Richard's Hinds
Blogger Pooch's A10 Flight
Wargamer on Tour's Airwing
Chieftans hull down
The West German attack stalls
Iraqi Armour and American Recce
Gazelles and Rolands 
When Pooch's Shillelaghs don't do the business
Tank's Merkava's had this one....for a bit.

Age of Sigmar, DBMM and Warhammer 40K

Tyranid Harridan
Purple Sun of Shyish 
Cadian Leman Russ makes an impossible climb
Classic Imperial Fists
A plague horde overrunning a wrecked Devilfish
Burgundians attack the Poles
Greeks cross the river to attack the Bithynians  
Harlequins vs Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstriders
Clubmate BBs Eldar battling the T-Riptide T'au
Ogors and Skaven battling it out for soup (?)
Hero of the Warhammer World, Gotrek the Slayer, leads the Sigmarines
Swiss Pike
The Greek Shieldwall 
Mounted English Longbowmen
More Swiss Pike
A Lord of Change - and check out that base!! 
The Blue Scribes
Fish Elves on Flying Shark Lizards!
Maybe my favourite pic of the weekend. Clubmate BB deploys an actually flying Flying Wedge! 

Next Time
Tank and I are playing some games at the club next weekend I think. I'll take some photos and run up a batrep of a run in between his Delaque spies and my Cawdor lunatics.

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