Saturday, 20 June 2020

A quiet week...

So. Adeptus Titanicus models. Wow. GW have managed to scale down the amazing quality of the 28mm versions of these knights into an 8mm (?) scale kit that looks as good as the full scale one.

I've painted up these two Cerastus Lancers in the colours of House Hyboreas, close allies of the Titans of Legio Vulpa. As far as the fluff goes, most of the Knight Households are dedicated to Chaos Undivided so I went up the ranks and looked to the Titan Legions. Legio Vulpa fell to Khorne so these seemed like a good choice.

I really want to paint up the shields with some glowy OSL to highlight the ion shield, but I'm currently lacking in confidence and experience on that score so will practice on some other stuff and then have a crack. I've also had to get our local GW dealer to see if he can dig me up some of the transfers for these dudes. I popped a couple on to see how they looked and I'm super happy but would love some more detail. 

Some 15mm Grenadiers have arrived from the UK! I had a dig around in the bits box and prepared six Panzerschreck teams for my LW Winter Germans.

I've got three bases of actual infantry from the first squad to finish (from the original 653 SPzJg days!) which need to have some Panzerfausts mixed in and then I'll get to painting all of these.

Next Time
It's club day again in a week and I'm looking forward to some more nerdery. Not sure what I'll be playing at this point but some in-game photos and hopefully a bit of painting too! 

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