Saturday, 13 June 2020

Club day!

Wow. It's hard to believe the last time we were at a club day it was February! 

But we're back! And it was awesome. We played some Mid War Flames of War to enjoy our first game day in more than three months!

In the first game, I took on Pelarel's MW British Rifles in a Counterattack.
 Turn 2-ish. I deployed my 90mms WAY too far forward and they were promptly sacked by a rifle platoon. I ambushed my L6s to send them packing. The L6s promptly learned what a mess 40mm Bofors AA guns make of L6 Light Tanks.

Over the middle turns, Pel got his Rifle platoons in place between my reserves and the objective and his Daimlers made a huge mess of my Assault Engineers. Even the timely arrival of my Elefantinos couldn't see them off. Embarrassingly.

 Sneaky Semoventes attack after the British infantry withdraw onto the objective. I dropped a couple of lucky 25pdr bombardments onto the Rifle platoons and made quite a lot of mess. This was the point that Pel REALLY needed his aircraft to arrive and they just persistently failed to do so.

This pic is basically just before the game ended. The Daimlers took some cheeky shots at the Semoventes and didn't get the king hits they needed and the 6pdrs were in the perfect position and promptly ran away after taking fire from the 25pdrs and three L6s that had survived the Bofors. Eventually the Semoventes pushed their way through the infantry onto the objective. It was one of those games that looks worse than it was. One airstrike and I was in all sorts of trouble. Losing half my Assault Engineers before they managed to assault anything meant I had to rely on the Semoventes and they were really vulnerable with 6 6pdrs and the Hurricanes zipping around the place.

I played a second game against McBeth Junior Senior running US Tanks. He contacted a dug in Italian infantry position.
Shortly after I took this, the US infantry debussed into the ruined church and promptly spent the rest of the game sitting there under repeat 25pdr bombardment and refusing to rally, even on 3+! 

This was a fairly cheeky attempt by my reserve 47mm guns to gank a troop of Lees. AT 6, even against side armour, wasn't great. The Recce Platoon you can see at the far end of the gully zipped up and made VERY short work of the Elefantinos!

The Lees pushed into the Weapons platoon on the objective on this flank and, having blasted the AT guns out of the platoon, promptly didn't have a great time in combat trying to shove them off. Even a cheeky assault by the Recce Platoon couldn't quite get there. McBeth Junior Senior played well, although attacking into dug in Italian Weapons platoons and ambushing 90mms was not an easy ask and those infantry refusing to move was a real pain.
I've been building too, preparing for the impending drop of 40K 9th Edition and getting some of the groundwork for my Nighthaunt project.

New Nighthaunt solos! They're amazing models. The Knight of Shrouds will be a Dreadfiend, the Banshee is a Banshee (!) and the Executioner will be a Shade or a Horror, whichever works. It's such a cool model!

I've also built my two Armiger Warglaives. I LOVED putting these together and I can't wait to paint them. House Tirryns, here we come.

Next Time
Painted models! I've put the base coat on my Epic Knights and they'll slowly get done this week. I've got some more Grimghast Reapers to build and a box of Grey Knights to make a Strike Squad out of. This is all part of my vain hope that 9e 40K Soup armies are definitely going to be a thing. 

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