Saturday, 6 June 2020

Deathwatch. Finished. For Now.

Kill Team Xantharedes
Alongside my exiting Primaris Kill Team Androkles, I have finally completed Kill Team Xantharedes, armed primarily with longer ranged weaponry.

I doubt they'll see the table before 9e drops, but you never know. Regardless, I love having a unit with high calibre weapons to commit shenanigans with DW Special Ammo and being able to use the Space Marine rules now too. For the moment, this signals the completion of my Deathwatch army. For the moment. The new Primaris Marines that have been previewed are amazing and apparently they'll be allowed for DW, unlike the Phobos Marines and Eliminators.

Been hitting the assembly pretty hard at the mo as well. I've put together these PSC Mark IVs for my revamped Late War Grenadier army (when the Greatcoat infantry finally find their way here from the UK!)
I've also started the first assembly for my new Kings of War army (yeah, I know....)

I've always really loved the GW Nighthaunt range and when I said to Pooch "But McBeth and Pel already have Undeads, so I'll skip it" and he pointed out the KoW Nightstalkers list. I looked at the list and the range and made a few starter purchases. I should have enough kit for a 750 point army reasonably smartly. I'm looking forward to painting them and also playing something that's a complete change in tactics from the Order of the Green Lady.

Next Time
I'm going to paint up my Cerastus Knight Lancers for June's contribution to the Stupid. I suspect they'll take some time. The detail is gorgeous and I really want to make them look good. Got a bunch more assembly to do too, so will be working on that.

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