Saturday, 27 June 2020

CHAOS! On all sides, Chaos!

I broke my Deathwatch out for a game against Pelarel's newly minted Emperor's Children for a last game of 40K 8e. Deathwatch can have a pretty tough time against Imperium and Chaos armies where there isn't an obvious shenanigan breaker but the Primaris Kill Teams are....seriously serious. I'm curious to see what happens when the new Primaris marines come out.

Anyway, game pics!

The Deathwatch Corvus flies ahead of the assaulting Kill Teams Androkles and Psarimon!

My left flank, moments before it was overrun by serious gribblies. The Forgefiend had a pretty rough time against Kill Team Xantharades flubbing far too many attacks. The Venomcrawler wrecked my Venerable Dreadnought though, without very much effort at all.

First time Teleportarium assault. It went....poorly. Frankly, I missed a phenomenal number of attacks with the power fists and chainfists. The Space Wolf with the lightning claws only just squeaked me through that combat. Pel's Terminator strike (which I completely forgot to take piccies of, annoyingly, because his Terminators are AMAZING!) fared considerably better and removed the vast majority of KT Xantharedes in a series of rounds of bolter shooting.

The new Psychic Awakening strategem allowing auto bolt rifles to autohit is just....filthy. Add in the 2+ to wound special issue ammo and things with good saves can still go down just by virtue of making lots of saves!

A Veteran Kill Team which fired two shots with it's Frag Cannon. And spent a lot of time trying to get into combat. And not getting there. They finished the game having schlepped the length of the table and not much else.

It was a close game in the end - turning out a 7-all draw ONLY because the game went on long enough for me to draw some Tactical Objectives I could actually finish. Pel scored a decent number of VPs up front that I was playing catchup the whole game.

I painted a thing! I had another game at the club against Blogger Scotty's new (and stunning) Alpha Legion. It started well and went wrong very quickly. The -1 to hit against Alpha Legion makes being a Guardsman very challenging indeed. I'll be keen to give it another blat at some point - knowing what I know now, I'd make some list changes and play the game differently. Anyway, I painted Severina Raine for this game:

It's a great model and she looks awesome in the battleline!

Next Time
Dunno. Having some time off work this week so might get some serious painting done. I've got a Strike Squad of Grey Knights to assemble and paint which I'm kind of looking forward to. We've been talking about some 500 point 40K later in the year and that'd be a great excuse to paint the GKs.

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