Friday, 9 October 2015

A bit more normal?

This, at least, feels alarmingly normal - finally starting on a project that's been sitting around for....oh....18 months or so waiting for me to feel like I'm in the mood to do it.  I have finally started painting my Teutonic Order:

From the first test figure..... the first full base.  
And a sneak preview of the piece de resistance - the Crusader wedge

And that was when I realised I was out of primer. Bother. The first base still needs it's transfers and it's flags, as will they all, but I've found a great set of transfers specifically for the Fireforge range and LBM do an excellent set of flags and more generic heraldry that'll be perfect for the Crusaders.

I guess I'm just a little more back to normal than I was when I started.


  1. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal.

    I look forward to seeing progress on this one.


  2. Thanks lads! I finished up the assembly and puttying on the Crusaders and ploughed through the assembly on about 60% of the Brother Knights today. Then I spent ages looking for figures to get for the Livonian horse and light foot. Productive!