Saturday, 17 October 2015

Prinny, why can't you stay on one painting project?!

Well after a LOOOONNNNGGGggggg gaming blog pause I am back....

My hobby time has been spent painting up my next Impetus army which is a feudal English list, I have posted up some pictures in the past of the beginning of this project. I have finally finished the foot part of the army but I am trying to build up the painting-foo to finish off the men at arms which I have hit a slight wall with.

What I was supposed to be painting up was either some 28mm AWI or my Skorne army.......

But I have been bitten by the WW2 bug again. The plan was to look at some 1000 point FoW lists but then I saw a picture of a 1/56 M10 and thought... F-it why not paint that up instead!

Which leads to one of my major gaming issues (not the dice rolling that is core to who I am), I really like 28mm WW2, but the rest of the Regiment is at best Meh about what to do.... the answer is paint up an army and bank on one or two of them catching magpie fever off me :)

What can I say, I am a bad bad man.

My current WW2 rule books

You will notice the two Bolt Action (BA) books there, these are the reason for my new painting project.

BA looks like a fun game, not historical but fun which suits me down to the ground really.

So what army to do? Well, I do like Staghounds and M10's so that is the Kiwis for me then.

So here is my painting effort so far for my British / Kiwis

The M10

Peew Peew 6pdr fun

Even painted up some infantry, squad one done

I am waiting on some stowage for the M10 which will add to the realism of this tank.

Also you get to use a fun dice bag

How cool is this?

I hope to post up each week how much I have painted up for this. Next is the HQ, Arty Observer and a second squad.

Finally, I have a couple of questions for you all to help me with:

1.  Which of these should be next on my purchase list:

  • PIAT
  • HMG
  • Mortar team.
2. If you happen to know of any gaming clubs or top people in the People's Republic of Cork, I would be super interested in hearing about them.

I hear it is the best part of Ireland

Looking forward to any feedback.



  1. The M10 is very nice indeed. I look forward to seeing it with the stowage on.

    I am tempted by your magpieness, sorely, because 28mm Bersaglieri is so, so awesome. But I must first complete the Teutonic Order and then we shall see. Might be a nice Christmas present to myself though.

    As far as next purchases go, would I be too presumptuous to say.....ALL OF THEM?!

    1. Hmmm getting all three does seem the best plan 😀

  2. Got the bug - just ordered a Puma from dat ape ;)

  3. I am already on this bandwagon :)

  4. Yeah - I could easily be tempted :) Just the issue of a ton of AWI dudes to paint along with some odds and sods for Impetus and and are a bad man Tim, a baaad man!

  5. My commandos are waiting for me to finish my Impetus army and do the AWI painting (assembling) on the table... *sigh*