Thursday, 1 October 2015

An update! Pics of game found!

In my last post I had mentioned that Prinny and I had played a test game of Blackpowder for our AWI game at the club but I had no photos of the game to share. Fortunately some people are better organised than me.

Richard Steer was playing in the game as well and he has sent through a couple of snaps he took. That then reminded me that I had actually taken my pictures on my phone rather than my camera so I have found my shots as well.

Here is a view from the Rebel lines as the valiant British advance to clear the land of rebellious perfidy. In the distance are three battalions of British Line and one of Grenadiers. Prinny's sole painted Continental regiment is in the foreground. The supporting regiments are being played today by Union regiments from the ACW. Photo: Richard Steer

A view of the table and some of the terrain we have been working on. My arms are in shot at the top as I manoeuvre the second British Brigade into position. Photo: Richard Steer.

Bede deciding how to place bayonets into the rebel scum while Richard and Prinny look on in distain and wonder how much tea they can dump into the harbour this time. In the background Scotty runs through a demo game of Warmachine for a new player (whose name I did not catch).

Nude bases but luvverly red jackets! Freeze, you rebel scum!

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