Monday, 12 October 2015

Club day - Fun day!

Whoops, a slight case of premature posting there!
Anyway, Saturday was the first club day for October and we had some very good numbers turn up for games. Impetus, Infinity, Warmachine, Flames of War, Bolt Action and DBMM.
McBeth Junior 2 and I took some snaps of the day.
McBeth Junior 1 playing WM with his Menoth army against Scotty Junior's Khador

Tank Engine giving out lessons in playing Warmachine

Prinny and Tibby playing Impetus. Prinnys Italian war Swiss imploded against Tibbys Vikings when the Swiss CinC rolled a 6 for a cohesion test. The resulting 'death test' meant the command broke. Ouch.

Scotty and I played Impetus and I attempted to teach Scotty how to play. My McBeth Scots (1050AD) took on Scotty's Ottoman Turks (1515AD).

The Scots did well against the Janissaries' Harquebus fire and broke the Ottoman's cavalry command (and the army). The Ottomans fought back and in the same turn broke the Scots!
The Ottomans are unpainted at the moment and stuck on with blu-tack :)
The four 'T' units in the right of shot are the Janissaries and Azab archers. There was a large unit of Scots spear and skirmishers in front of them a turn before....

Busy hall!

Bolt Action WW2. We may have found our new magpieism!

Lunch in the sunshine! Pies, fizz and chips - the wargamer's power lunch!

McBeth Junior 1 and Kane play Warmachine

Tank Engine looks at his opponent. He looks relaxed here, maybe a win is in sight?

I played my first game of Warmachine against an adult. I had been reading Junior 2's Menoth book and had come up with a 25 point list that seemed good.  


Mr Experienced Warmachine player, Tank Engine, had to pull out a whole heap of tricks from his bag to keep in the game

One turn from tank Engine saw most of my Errants and Seneschals removed from the board!
With not much left on the table, e-Kreoss decided that enough was enough and stabbed everything and got a warcaster kill.
The moment before the assassination run. eKreoss in the top left of picture lining up the big, floaty Cephalyx caster.

McBeth Junior no.2 loves Dr Who. This was in the corner of the school hall....

Infinity! Pelarel and McZermof getting some games in.

Tibby's Vikings then took on Scotty's Ottomans. The result was not pretty for the raiders from the North. Harquebus fire does horrible things to shieldwalls

Club day is always fun day :)


  1. The Ottomans must not have got the memo: unpainted elements should always roll crap.

  2. But they always know that its the well painted units that always die first!