Sunday, 25 October 2015 what!

So I have finished the challenge I set myself way back at the beginning of this blog.

I am the new magpie in this motley crew beginning with Warmachine I am slowly being drawn into other genre's

Well here is the Cpehalyx Army I have finished only a few new models to add as they are released.

 The whole crew....

Drudge Slavers

Drudge Mind Benders

More Mind Benders

When one unit of Overlords is not enough!

All four Agitators to wind up the troops

Couple of Cryxian Allies!

A Warden (left) and a Subduer (right)

A pair of Wreckers (they wreck stuff)

Now that what I call the man in charge
Exulon Thexus

...and now what has caught my eye it seems this Impetus is a bit of fun....
...which means my Ottoman Turks (circa 1525) are a coming

I have only a few of these to paint  but I will have to keep you updated!



  1. Most impressed that you have painted all of those drudges.

  2. Well done Scotty. Is it just me or does that Turk look like Captain Haddock? Now he is the Bashi Basouk...

  3. Oh dear a Tin Tin on my baggage hmmmmmm ..bright and garish colours are in bound!