Saturday, 22 June 2019

Club day!

Tank and I had a couple of games at the club yesterday to test some TY and play our first game ever of Necromunda2.

Team Yankee
Fellow Regimenteers Pel and Scotty suggested testing out TY on an 8x4 at 90 points as a test for ValleyCon 2020. Pel particularly wanted to find out if the extra 2 lineal feet impacted the game and Tank wanted to give his work-in-progress Israelis out for a run.

Scotty and Pel played a corner-corner mission and Tank and I had a run through a long table-edge mission (Contact). I'm not going to run through a full blown battle report as we made a bunch of mistakes and derped around a lot so this was more about trying some stuff out so I'll throw up some nice piccies and jot down some post-game thoughts.

I took basically ALL my Marines (less some LAV-Ms and a HMMWV Scout Patrol) and Tank bought Magachs, Merkava 2s, Israeli infantry and Skyhawks!!

Pre-hoon moves! 
Hoon hoon!
The turn after a flight of Skyhawks shot down my Cobras, they returned and made some of my M60s unhappy!
Israeli infantry removes LAVs. Easily.

Airplane-based revenge!
LAVs take the objective!
In the end, the game was lost by Tank rolling reserves and then having them scatter onto the wrong flank two turns in a row. It was a bit of a disappointment as, had either of his infantry platoons arrived on 3 - 6 (instead of 1-2) then I'd have had a VERY scary platoon standing on the objective facing down four LAVs and 3 M60A1s.

So what did we learn? That being able to ram a dozen LAVs across the board in turn one and force the defender in Contact back towards the centre of the board and away from the objectives was good. The extra linear feet gave out some flanks for me to hoon around on but also meant that either of us could have rammed through gaps in the line as neither of us could really cover board-edge to board edge. It also made the flanks vulnerable to aircraft as most AA screens won't cover all of that - short of playing WARPAC with Geckos and Gophers.

Tank has been trying to work out how to get a good list out of the Israeli army and the conclusion at the end of this game we had a good chat, especially looking at what Pel was running with his Chiefs on the table next door, and there is definitely a list pushing Merkava 2s as a mainline tank and finding some of the silliness, like ITOW Jeeps and Perehs to make up for the AT19 on the Merkava.

We'll also all be at Panzerschreck in Palmy in a few weeks and so will be playing 140 points on an 8x4. While I think our crew reckon these games might be a touch too large but 90 on an 8x4 didn't feel too bad, much to my surprise.

So we had a bit of a technical fail, in that Tank left some of the key documents in the library at Casa del Tank but Battlescribe filled a few of the gaps for us and my hazy recollections of Necromunda 1 did a solid stand in (and, amazingly, were close to right!!). The game was really cinematic and some of the actions were super fun.

Rivet gun??

Axe cop looks down on the Goliath Leader having ineffectually lollipopped a frag grenade down there
The guy on the right has a 'Renderizer' and wow did he ever renderize! 

The Cawdor leader was shot with a stub cannon (!), failed to wound, pinned, failed to grab on and fell! 
The game was a lot of fun. GW have rolled in the best of Necromunda1 with some of the cleverness and slick rules of 40K 8th ed. Pretty pleased so far with how it went and we'll need to play some more - it'll be much more interesting once we get into some scenarios too.

We did learn that the Overseer Leadership skill is probably a bit broken once we worked out how it was supposed to work and that Blaze is the funniest rule in the game. I am going to have to get a weapon kit from Forgeworld (ignoring the screams from my wallet) and probably the bomb rats too since they're really badly funny.

Next time
The Cawdor are going to get finished and, if I can figure out how on earth to mount a couple of heavy bolter gunners, an Imperial Guard Valkyrie! Pooch and I picked up a pair on a local auction site and mine *really* needed it's door gunners. I've managed to get the bits but getting them reattached to an already assembled model might be a real challenge.

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