Saturday, 21 March 2020

Not the post you were expecting...

and, to be quite fair, not the post I expected to be posting either! Something a little different today as I finally finished another wee project by painting the last few models.

These two classic Noise Marines and the Icon Bearer are the last bits of my small Emperors Children collection for Kill Team.

Blastmaster and Doom (!) Siren
I posted a few photos of this boys when Pooch and I tried out OPKT many moons ago and after that game, despite it not really floating our boats, I went through and painted a bunch more stuff. I've used it for WH40K Kill Team since then too and I rather love the old school Chaos Marines. I've never posted the full crew so here they are!

The Leadership
The Battleline
Assault Section
Support Section

So I'm calling this 'painting something for one of my 40K armies' and moving on with my life. I know I haven't painted my Australians. I know. But I will. Promise. In the meantime, I might have oopsed into some models from the Nolzur's Marvellous Miniatures range for some of the more unusual choices in my Kings of War 'Order of the Green Lady' and I'm currently distracted by those.

Next Time
Good question. I'm really pleased to have finished that little project, so it should be another one of those and maybe some pics from our next club day - assuming we don't get canned by COVID-19 before then...

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