Saturday, 14 March 2020

Some Forward Project Progress

The Stupid
Here's this month's round of the stupid - 6 more Bloodcrushers, 10 more Fleshhounds and my first super-heavy, a Brass Scorpion of Khorne:


Too close to a Scorpion for my liking...
The Brass Scorpion is a classic and the only Khorne Daemon Engine from Epic that made the leap to 40K, albeit via Forgeworld. I've got four of the six that were made for Epic and while I wouldn't say no to a Death Dealer (because that model is cool) these are already going to be an insane number of proxy Sicarans in Apocalypse...

Next month's plan is to get some more World Eaters into play, so 40 World Eaters, Kharn the Betrayer and some Rhinos are inbound. Which means painting more white. Why do I do this to myself?

New doodads!

The final stage of getting my Aussies ready for MW & LW has begun with the arrival of two more Sentinels and some PIAT teams.

AC-1 Sentinels
I think I'm going to need to get one more Sentinel as I discovered that the Aussies did test one with a 17 pdr on it so I'd like to make one up to allow this tank to be a proper LW British tank platoon proxy. I'm definitely going to get the Matildas next though and make them up as Frogs as Churchill Crocodile proxies first.

PIAT Teams
The PIAT gunners are really nice. All three came with the same prone rifleman so I had to raid the parts box to get them made up less uniformly - so an Aussie officer with an Owen SMG and a British NCO from somewhere (I have no idea where he came from!) make up the teams.

Next Time
My 40K army contributions for the month (which are sitting on the painting table at the mo and are a bit of a deviation from my usual but are finishing up a project) and hopefully some finished Aussie photos. A week to paint seven infantrymen and two tanks shouldn't be that hard. Should it? We're also coming closer to the end of our current DnD campaign for Curse of Strahd and I'm definitely going to share some closing thoughts on how that's gone.

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