Saturday, 7 March 2020

Too Fast, Too Hoonious


So we finally got our cars out for a blat with some makeshift race track implements, the 2020 Gaslands Annual where bloggers Scotty, Pooch, Tank Engine and me and another fellow nerd, raced our 50 can cars against each other to see how this game goes.

Round 1.1 - we all take off,  Tank drops some mines and Pooch, aggressively rolling skid dice, hopelessly overcooks it and spins out.

And Pooch spins out...
By the end of round 1.5, this was the scene of carnage.  Tank's bus had taken off, I'd pulled a hairpin out of the gate and the massive lead storm and led to the complete smashing up of a bunch of cars.

...and explodes, followed by the destruction of my Rocket Car
 By Round 3.3 we were running VERY short of vehicles and ammo. It was going brilliantly.
Tank's bus made a run for the gate, my Citroen raced the long way around and Farmtruck hit the edge of the world.  
 Pooch's remaining car got stuck colliding with wreck after wreck while Tank and I raced for the first gate. The Bus made it through first but was undone by a profoundly jammy hairpin+slide+spin to get a bead on the bus who was racing ahead....

...and the Bus went down in flames!. Who in turn got the beans as Farmtruck, having recovered from smashing into the edge of the world, sent his last rocket under Roofbox's rear axle

Just to caveat this. We found the rule about not activating guns until after the first gate....the next day. So this was far more carnagerous than we expected. But hells bells it was funny. Definitely looking forward to making some more cars (a team of Moonshiners racing agricultural equipment seems too funny not to try!) and racing some more.

Next Time 
I'm definitely down for some painting this week so will be working on some more Khornate stuff in 6mm

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