Saturday, 23 May 2020

Crusading Against the Goblins

And so it was that the Order of the Green Lady, under the command of an Exemplar of the Brotherhood, invaded the lands held by the evil goblins and were violently repulsed by the sheer force of their explosive artillery!

I was going to write a serious narrative battle report of this game but TBH, I haven't quite got the brain for it today. Instead I will show you the photos and reflect on the first game of KoW I've had under these rules.
This is MY forest!

Feeling slightly outnumbered
The Goblin Centre

Turn two charges go well. Then.....not so well
The slog begins (and ended four turns later...)

The Unicorn resists the Stikkerz and the Treeman prepares to take revenge

Having seen off the Forsaken, the Goblin King bravely leads from the rear
And as his forces are overrun...

...The Goblin King attacks!
First off, it was two really cool armies facing off. Pooch has done some EPIC work on those Goblins and it shows. 

Secondly, I got smashed! I took a lot of Pooch's goblins down but not enough and not quickly enough. His artillery was staggeringly effective at whittling down my Knights and that legion of Stikkerz is HARD to move! While I was unlucky to lose both the Order of Redemption and one of the Orders of the Brotherhood in one turn, banking on charging past Pooch's chariots with my best unit was ropey even by my standards and I was rightfully punished. I learned how my army *should* work and which bits I need to add to the list to give it a bit more...staying power. I've also got a few ideas about how to use some more buffing / defensive magic in support of the knights.

Both of us learned a lot more about how our forces worked and would make some changes for a rematch, which we will totally have and hopefully it'll be much tighter. I'm definitely looking forward to having another crack at the evil little green monsters.

 Totally hooked. Loved the simplicity, the speed of play and the flavour - my army feels like it should and Pooch's is perfect. Pondering a second army already. A proper fantasy one this time. I have a few ideas up my sleeve.....

 Next Time
I have made it to the hobby store for some more blue ink, so the Primaris are back on the menu to get done this week. I'm also thinking about trying to sculpt some greatcoats on the crew of my Raupenschlepper Ost mit PaK40s and getting them wintered up to move into my Grenadiers (which are hopefully winging their way here now!)

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