Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Day of Painting

Some more models off the unpainted list. Doc Killingsworth is a Warmachine model I have wanted for a while and the magpie in me added him to my last order on a whim. Interestingly enough he is the only model that I finished from that order. A lovely sculpt, he is from the pirate mercs in Warmachine and, he is my first of the pirate merc models. The second figure is from a while back when I bought On The Seven Seas from Northstar with a starter pack it's a nicely generic treasure chest that will come in useful in a number of games, I am sure. I love the pirate genre but unfortunately OTSS is not a ruleset that makes it sing for me. However I shall endeavour to finish the Pirates as they are lovely models, and I am sure I will find a game to play sometime soon (suggestions welcome).

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