Monday, 4 May 2015

Nomads and Mercenaries

Well as the title suggests I have been tampering in the realms of Infinity and Warmachine recently.

Firstly on Saturday I managed to get in a game of both against Pelarel. The Warmachine game was a continuation of the campaign we are trailing from the original Mk1 days of Warmachine to try and bring it into the current set of rules. We had started out with 50 points but found that to expedite the games perhaps 35 points was a better level for the campaign.

This was the second game of the first round after my battle with Alex earlier on, I had lost the initiative roll amongst the four of us so was suffering the indignity of being attacked from all sides by the dead, the heathen and the heretics. Having disposed of Alex's heretics it was time for Pelarels Dead to learn the folly of their ways.

Pelarel's Skarre lists had the audacity to challenge the damsel in distress, Ashlynn, of course it did help that I had gun mages in my list.

The face off, dirty Cryx and their advanced deployment
Ganging up on Skarre

So after surviving the Skarre feat turn, I took the chance to seek my revenge and ganged up on Skarre who had to be black oiled, knocked down and have her own Jacks land on her as well as using Anastasia to have an extra round of attacks. It took quite a lot of dirty Mercenaries tricks to finally crack her armour.

Then as we had time, well not really, so rolled up a game of Infinity using the new Mk3 rule set with starter boxes in preparation for next weekend at the club. See desperate attempts to remember rules before being smashed horribly by those that have played before.

The game was quick but fun and we both went 'oh yeah' on plenty of occasions. Mission complete now have some idea of what to do so perhaps a spanking may not be handed out next week, I doubt it though.

And as I prefer to play it painted I thought I had better finish off my Nomads so I could be crushed in style.

Bakunin Moderator (Basic Grunt)

Another Moderator
Bakunin Zero (Stealthy Infiltrator)


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  1. Can't wait to see those Nomads come out to playeeyay :)