Tuesday, 5 May 2015

More Austrians and scale creep

So I have not been as eager or able recently as I would have liked in getting through the Austrians for Napoleon at War but I have managed to finish the second regiment of the first brigade. Below are two battalions of  the Infantry Regiment Erzherzog Ludwig-Josef Nr. 8. They have 'Wine Red' trim to their white uniforms.

Again, no basing has been done as yet with the same reason as my first post about these guys.

And now the scale creep reference. Most of the reason why not much painting has been completed recently is because we are currently painting our house! You thought the 54mm ANZACs and Turks we painted for the Peter Jackson diorama were big but painting in a 1:1 scale is huge. At least any comments about painting your projects with a house brush actually means something!

I do have some plans of things to paint once the next 4 battalions of Infantry, one regiment of Hussars and one battery of artillery are complete. All are projects that I have the bits for already and are just piling up on the painting desk. In no particular order:

  • repainting my Early War German Infanteriekompanie for Flames
  • painting my EW French Foreign Legion company for Flames
  • painting some Wasp Carriers, Ram Kangaroos and M10c TDs for my LW Scots for Flames
  • stripping and painting some Dark Ages Scots for a new Impetus list (that I am writing on the Impetus forum at the moment!)
No. No. Must stop and concentrate on one project at a time! Concentrate man! Finish. The. Austrians.

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