Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Club day! Fun Day!

Saturday the 9th was our regular club day and it was also the club's AGM. As most of the contributors to this blog are Hutt Club committee members (and presidents, treasurers and secretaries) we were out in full force playing games and generally having a good time.

Club day for the Hutt Miniature Wargames Club (www.huttclub.co.nz). Behind the camera, out of picture are three or four tables of DBMM rockin' along (slowly :) )
I took some pictures of the games that we were playing but not many notes, simply because, ummm pictures paint a thousand words? Yeah, thats it.

First up McZermof and I played some Impetus. Alex is playing in the one day Impetus comp that we are hosting at the next club meeting (the 23rd) and needed a refresh of the rules. We had a really good game with his Nikophorian Byzantines versus my Late Feudal Scots. The Scots pike won the day by seeing off the Byzantine infantry and the Large Unit of Heavy Cavalry. After the battle we found out that I had cheated as I had misunderstood the command size rule and instead of using the VDT of the units I was using total points. It wouldn't have changed the outcome, but could have if some combats had gone the other way.

Next up Tank Engine pitted his Middle Imperial Romans against McZermof' Byzantines. As Tom had only played less than four games of Impetus the result was not important - it was the learning that was the winner :)

6mm Moderns! Pelarel and I played some games of Fist Full of Tows 3. Its a fun little (scale wise!) game. I enjoyed it and I'll be looking forward to some more games.

Prinny played some more Impetus versus our good friend, Tibby. Tibby had his first game with his new Mycenaean/Trojan list against Tim's blocks of MDF masquerading as an Early Feudal English army :)

Scotty then played LintMan in a game of Warmachine with Scotty's things* playing Nick's troll things*

*not much attention paid!

The AGM went smoothly with Tom retained as President, Alex still Secretary, Me still as Treasurer and Nick and Chris as committee members.

Painting update from me to come soon :)

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