Saturday, 23 May 2015

Getting to the bottom of it

So my project to complete a 50 point Warmachine List for my Mercenaries faction is well underway. To achieve a consistent look across my units I am using a unified basing for all the models. Now as the fluff dictates the Cephalyx like to live underground in hive clusters destroying and enslaving other cultures from within or below. I thought I would share the result and give you an idea of the process and its simplicity.

So I began with a 30mm base and added a tile of cork torn up, this was to be the degrading earth the tiles of a once proud civilisation.

Finished Drudge left Step one right

Small modelling tiles from secret weapon

Its a simple pattern, three colours

Build the pattern on the cork tile

Once complete add a wash to tone down the bricks and cork

Still a damp

Model added

Some small pipes used to add LoS marking front and sides

LoS markers added to all

Now the gangs all here, highlights to add to the figures and we will be done

Two Units, one solo and one monstrosity (22 Points)...not far to go
So I hope that provides some inspiration and helps me feel motivated to knock out the rest of the list!


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  1. Sweet work there Mr A - can't wait to see what you do with these guys - it's all abut controlling the mind!!!!