Saturday, 16 May 2015

Painting Mania

I have been crook this weekend - laid up with manflu - so there's been some time for painting. A couple of different projects on the go. Firstly the 15mm Napoleonic army continues to grow, in fact I have finished all my line infantry today (only to discover that I probably need a whole lot more). All I need now is for the flags to arrive from Battleflag, so I can sort the last few colour parties. I have been reasonably happy with how this project has developed and it has been an increasing joy to get the infantry done. Next I have the Dragoons and Artillery - yay the fun bits.
Next on the painting block was this unit of Gatormen for my Hordes Minions army. I picked these up off Chris (Pelarel) and they will quite nicely go into the list with my other 2 units. I listened to a podcast this morning which described Minions players as very Special Snowflakes. This, I take, is the way Uber competitive numbnuts describe people who play the game for the fun of it - taking models and armies they like - rather than copying the latest and greatest from the inter webs. So snowflake I will probably always be.
Finally from my Warmachine Mercs army a 3 point jack called Buccaneer. I love this little fella and I can't wait to get him out with my Magnus1 list so he can knock his boss on his butt. I did mention the Special Snowflake thing, didn't I? Tom


  1. Nice paint job, love the 15mm British infantry!

  2. Thanks Phil - first time really painting Naps - and I'm loving it :)