Tuesday, 27 October 2015

More Scots!

The MacBeth Scots Impetus army is 99% complete. In the last couple of days I've managed to finish the last of the spearmen, the last of the skirmishers, the two bases of Thegns and the highlanders.

Here are the highlanders. 5/2/C Shortbow B but they are T troops. Like Scotty's Janissaries, but a bit crapper. They did, however, hold off and then break one of Prinny's English commands in a game a few weeks ago! 

Skirmishers. They skirmish.

More priests, more spear, more brown and grey.

A higher class of priest. The first of the units of Thegns. these were the noble men of the isles and their armoured retainers.

More thegns. Ive mixed in a few viking figures to represent the mixed Scottish and Viking cultures.

MacBeth with flag added

Thorfinn with flag added.

Vikings must have ravens. It's only right!

Tibby and I played some 15mm Napoleonics on Saturday at the club. It gave me a little impetus to start basing them. Here are the Divisional command and some of the Brigade commanders.

The other, other project. Here are the first figures for the 1st battalion of Guards for our AWI games.

One of the ensigns


  1. Looking great Simon, where did you get the priests from?, would be good to get some for my Anglo-Saxons force

  2. Hi Mark, I brought them from Canadian Will a few years ago (before he left to go back to Canada) as a part of a WAB Scots army. I think they are old Gripping Beast figures, but I'm not sure they still sell them?