Saturday, 19 June 2021

Elefants, wasps and PaK 40s....oh my!

 Something Done

I finished the painting and basing of my greatcoated PaK 40s this week. They've been sitting mostly done for ages and it seemed like it was thing I should just crack on with. 

Much to my chagrin, I have carefully packed away my weathering powder and I can't work out where I carefully packed it away to. I have a horrible feeling it's fallen down behind the bookshelf (so not carefully packed away) which will be an absolute pain to recover. But I will and when I do the helmets and gunshields will get a bit of a whitewash.

Works in Progress


Seriously though, four Elefants is DUMB and I love it. I've cleaned the snow off the 5th one with all his carefully applied Zimmerit and tidied up the colour and I'm really happy with how it's come up. Should blend in nicely. These four are a slightly newer (or different) sculpt to my original but not so much as you'd notice.

 Wespes are coming along too, with the crew being painted separately.

The crew has a rough base coat on it at the mo and that's it so they'll be a wee way away but I'm doing those with the crew of the truly hateful SdKfz 7/2 kit that's been assembled (and my fingers glued to things too) so making pretty good progress for the Panzershreck army, given that the event is only about a month away, I kind of need to get on with it!

Next Time

Club day. No idea what I'm doing but I'm going to *actually* try and take enough photos of whatever it is to write up a proper game report. Feels like a while since I've done that. I've also got a nice chap in the USA chasing down my foliage order so with a bit of luck, that might turn up and I'll be able to properly finish all these things!  

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Don't be too proud of this Technological Terror you've created!

 It is done. Pending the odd bit that I might like to add to the army in the future, I have completed the Scarif Beach Party: 

They're now lined up for a solid week or two in the hot water cupboard. I'm now utterly convinced that the gel medium I've used for the bases isn't entirely cured given how thickly I'm putting it on. It seems to take about a week to set clear but if I get the models out and leave them in my slightly colder games room some of the bases frost up again so long curing ahead.

To get there, the two things that needed finishing to complete the Beach Party got done too, the last of them just in time for this blog post. 

Zoom zoom, pew pew!

I didn't mind painting the actual speeder bikes but those Scout Troopers are a bit ugh. The casts are a bit worn and there isn't quite the nice definition of even the Storm Troopers from the starter box. But they are done.

Black armour = moar menacing right?

On the other hand, Inferno Squad is NICE. The multi-part plastics are lovely, if not at all poseable, but it's a sweet looking unit. I think I need to do a better job on the lenses but that'll wait till they're out of the hot water cupboard.


The Scarif Beach Party had an outing against some Rebel Scum as their first full game of Legion.

Turn one-ish
In the first couple of turns I rolled some obscene dice and gunned down both of Pel's AT-RTs by just rolling heaps and heaps of criticals and Pel couldn't save for love nor money. I wasn't being any better with my saves though - I think I lost a single trooper from any given unit at any given time. In the end, we packed the game in at the end of turn 3. Most of the Rebels were toast for the Imperial losses of Storm Troopers, Bossk and a miscellany of other troopers. Pel did finish the game in style though:

You can't quite see in the background as they'd done a runner by then, but a full squad of Storm Troopers were mostly deleted by Clan Wren and Sabine and her Dark Sabre rolled in to finish the job. Which she did. Easily. Pel finished painting them this week and they look AMAZING. He is planning on painting Sabine's hair a-la Star Wars: Rebels and that will look brilliant.

It was my first full game of Legion and Pel was excellent at answering all my stupid questions about how stuff is supposed to work, as well as dealing with my disgusting dice rolling in very good humour. I paid for this in two followup games of Flames with Scotty who beat me senseless by both playing better AND rolling better dice. 

It was an interesting post-game chat too about seeing how the lists came together for the both of us. Mine felt like so many non-choices - they were so straight forward for me that even with no idea what I was really doing, the list came together without really trying. I had to tinker with the bits around the edges, but the Shores and Deaths were just sitters, along with lots of the upgrades.

I still can't get over Storm Troopers having Precise 1. Although only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise.....

Next Time

I've decided to at least get the painting done for Panzerschreck and if the foliage doesn't arrive in time (although surely it must!) I have some backup foliage that I can apply to the Elefants which will look different and will annoy me but I'll live. So that will be the focus for the next couple of weeks. It's a lot of painting dunkelgelb so might be a touch dull but at least you won't have to hear me swearing about assembling Battlefront's SdKfz 7/2 kit.  

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Pooch's May update

May is done now too? This is getting ridiculous.... 

1. Finish a table of terrain

Ooof. My plans of doing big pieces of terrain aren't really getting anywhere. But what I did do, was two sets of the Star Wars Legion barricades. That counts as progress, right?

They are barricades. Need I say more?

2. Play a game a month

This month, I played Flames of War at our club competition at Valleycon, playing 5 games over two days. I used my US Cavalry, so zoomed around Italy with Greyhounds and generally was about as effective as you would expect lightly armoured vehicles to be.

Stuarts and Greyhounds looking cool!

Some of Bob's excellent Tigers doing mean things to my Greyhounds

Overall, it was enjoyable, I do like Flames of War! It prompted all of the nerds to think about playing more FoW, which I think is a good thing.

3. Finish a 1,500 point 40k army

Probably my biggest disappointment of the month. I got a bunch of odds and sods done, but nothing really substantial. I finished....

Three Repentia- just needing their bases

Two Death Cult Assassins, repurposed and tidied from my Krieg army

Stained Glass panel from the Immolator, using Contrast paints

Some guns and bare heads

I guess the Death Cult assassins count as a unit finished, but it is a bit of a stretch! Need to make some serious progress on them next month, otherwise I won't be able to have 1000 points done for August's games!

4. Finish armies that I have part started

Ok, so not only did I finish what I needed to paint for my army for Valleycon, I painted all of the 15mm US that I own!

Six M10 Tank Destroyers

3 M3 Stuarts, 4 M5 Stuarts

8 75mm Shermans

3 76mm Shermans

I'd like one more box of Shermans, but I think these guys are done until the US later-late war book comes out sometime in the future!

5. Buy, build and play a new game

A terrible photo, but a very cool model of Asajj Ventris from Shapeways. She will be a 'counts as' Maul, for when I decide I don't want to use the double ended lightsaber loony, and instead want to use a twin lightsaber loony! 

Asajj Ventris- a 3d print from Shapeways

Not just Asajj, I also have yet more droids done!


Droid Specialists!

But I still didn't manage to paint the next batch of B1 Battle Droids. Next month maybe?

You had better get painting those sisters!


Saturday, 5 June 2021

Tidal Surge at the Scarif Beach Party

 This is definitely a workbench post for the long weekend in which I am bravely attempting to stave off an urge to acquire boats for Victory at Sea and new Necromunda Redemptionists by focussing entirely on finishing all my outstanding Star Wars: Legion models. 

 Shoretroopers II

Glad to have had one of these done already as doing the second one is always easier. And now I'll have two squads to go with the two mortars! Bonus! They are nice and easy to paint though so I should be able to knock these out quickly.

Inferno Squad

What can I say, black is easy. They're not done yet but honestly, it won't be much work to get them finished. Unfortunately it's also fairly cold here this weekend and the washes aren't drying at a particularly rapid rate so everything is going slow. Del Meeko and Gideon Hask are looking sweet too.

Speeder Bikes

I was a bit iffy about doing these for ages and I've just decided to suck it up and finish the last white-armoured models in the army. I do really like the beach armour of the speeder bikes and it really does make me want to do a sand coloured AT-ST.

I'm still missing one thing I'd like to have, Iden Versio as a leader, but I'm also vaguely tempted to ask my friendly local 3D printing friend to run me off a Seventh Sister, from Star Wars Rebels, to potentially play the role of Iden Versio. I'm also basing up my Rokkrassk from our Star Wars Edge of Empire campaign to play as Bossk in Legion as well. Basically an operative that isn't Darth Vader seems like it could be cool.

 Next Time

It's club day. I don't know what I'll be doing but hopefully getting the Scarif Beach Party out for a couple of games of Legion. I'm *still* waiting on foliage from the US so I can get into painting Elefants.  

Saturday, 29 May 2021

A-pew-pew. A-pew-pew. A-pew-pew to you!

 Imperial Guard in Action!

Oofa. This game hurt, thanks largely to some APPALLING dice (I rolled SO MANY 1s for wound rolls and damage. So many.) and some excellent play by my opponent, recent gaming returnee Matt. He broke out his Primaris Red Scorpions against my Guardsmen, led into battle by the heroic Inquisitor Karamazov.

Matt's Red Scorpions

First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire!

Sentinels vs Redemptor. Not. Fair.


It was a good game. I got Matt's Outriders, some Intercessors and some Hellblasters and put some hurt on the Dreadnought before I was utterly tabled in turn four! In the end, my Leman Russ spent more time out of the game than his Redemptor and when it did arrive, the new Primaris Eradicators just ventilated my poor tank. Lasguns are also very ineffective against Primaris Marines.

Highlights of the game were Severina Raine killing an Outrider with her 'it's not even a power sword' and Matt's Eradicators doing twice the damage they needed to to blow the Throne of Judgement into next week.


This also happened yesterday. Bloggers Pel and Tank played their first game of Victory at Sea. 

 I was reluctant to get into this. I am not really feeling that reluctant now. It looks stonking (the ships are lovely) and the feel of the game is good. Torpedoes are devastating and when the IJN Kongo decides to sink HMS Eagle while under extreme range plunging fire from HMS Warspite, everything seems to fall the way it should so that's definitely promising.

Scarif Beach Party

While the two mortars didn't manage to get on the table yesterday, they are done and looking particularly stylish.


Doing the mortars has definitely validated the idea I had to paint my Speeder Banks in sand, not in white. I've also finished assembling Inferno Squad too. The multipart plastic kits in the Legion range are quite nice and not wobbly and bendy like the soft plastic stuff.

Inferno Squad! Assemble(d)!

I know Inferno Squad was assembled *after* the Battle of Scarif to combat that sort of Rebel shenanigans but I'll definitely enjoy playing the "what-if" scenario with these guys. I also really like that I can add Del Meeko or Gideon Hask to less capable units of Storm Troopers if I want to.

Next Time

I'm thinking it's time to crack on and finish the Legion. Inferno Squad should be easy as painting black is simple so I'll do that and get into the second squad of Shore Troopers as well. Then it'll just be a couple of speeder bikes (oh god, the white again!) and some slightly more complex basing for them perhaps. Otherwise, I'm still waiting on foliage from the USA so will be delaying more work on 653 until then.  

Saturday, 22 May 2021

653 Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yep, that's a lazy title if ever I've written one. 

With an event under my belt last weekend, there hasn't been a huge desire to get behind the brushes this week so I've been hitting the workbench pretty hard getting the assembly done for another event in about six weeks.



Do I need to own 5 Elefants? Probably not. But I do now, so I'mma run with that. Plus this army is going to look amazing. Idiotic, but amazing. These were not the most enjoyable models I've assembled. The flash was positively insane and the barrels still aren't as straight as I'd like. They're getting there though. I suspect I'll find more as I go which will require ruining more scalpel blades. I do like the new plastic tank commander sprue that BF are using now though, they look great.


These Wespes are a result of a conversation with blogger Pooch about adding artillery and me lamenting I couldn't find anything for less than 10 points. After his suggestion to not have a man look I added Wespes, something I've always wanted to field, which was a nice bonus. So they're ready to paint, along with their crew. 

 There's also a unit of SdKfz 7/1 Quad AA halftracks to put together, but at this point, I haven't quite given up the will to live so the 9,000 parts that are required for each model remain unassembled. I'll get there but I won't enjoy it. 

Hopefully this week the out of print foliage I ordered from the US will arrive and I can get to work on these boys. I'm starting to plot whether I could run 653 and a Puma company in a normal event to try and pare back the awful imbalance that 5 Elefants requires. I suspect not...

Shores? Sure

Emplacement Trooper Number 1

This guy has just gone off to sit in the hot water cupboard for the next three to four days to ensure that the gel basing sets completely. I've recently re-cooked my entire Legion collection to make sure it's all properly dry. I'm still thinking I'd like to chuck a bit of grass on the bases too, but I haven't found something I like yet.

Next Time

Some club day pics I think. The first outing of Victory at Sea is happening and I'll be hopefully rolling the Shores out for the first full scale outing of the Scarif Beach Party. I have to get the second one painted for that, but I think that's achievable. I've also floated the idea of a 40K game so I'll see if that happens too. Might get the Guard out again. 

Sunday, 16 May 2021

"I can re-rail fold skill shecks"

 Or, it was just like Hannibal but in 1944. Overall, the Axis were soundly beaten by the Allies around Monte Cassino. At least two of the Axis team (McBeth Jr Jr and I, by our own admission!) actively aided the Allied cause with our command decisionmaking!

In real terms, the first outing for 653 in 2021 did not go well. 1-4 for the weekend. A couple of the games were pretty difficult with a gnarly matchup made more challenging by the scenario. Of the other three, I won one and lost the other two on a die roll (bailed Elefants do not hold objectives! Twice!) so not all bad! I only lost three Elefants and one Tiger over the whole weekend, which wasn't all bad either. My fear of rockets is greatly reduced. 

 I knew the army was VERY small (but I didn't realise how small against a couple of the infantry armies I faced!) and while also very effective, the move to v4 means the loss of some of the colour (namely the unique AA quads and the list construction / army morale rules) have made the army a lot less flexible. It's also critically dependent on being able to avoid playing some scenarios and in a narrative event like the weekend, that wasn't going to happen. 

P47s or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rocket

On a positive note, despite my list and some of my play choices, I still tied for most tanks killed and if I could have rolled a 3+ firepower roll in the last game, I would have won that and my stupid army choice would have been entirely validated! I also got to try out three of the new missions from the FoW pack (Dogfight, Cornered and Spearpoint) and they were all interesting and will warrant some more plays to work out how to play them. 

Blogger Pel bravely sends in the M10s

I also got to pick up the next bit of my 40K escalation and we had a good think about our club's end of year event, Remember December, and have concluded we're going to see if we can play Early War - it's the favourite period for a lot of us - for me it's because the armour is just SO bad and 5+ firepower is the order of the day.


 In amongst all the prep for the event, I did get some work done on my first unit of Shores. The bases are still setting, so they're not quite finished, but near enough for publication. The mortars are done, but not their gunners or bases yet.

Almost complete Shore Trooper squad

I found, having a hunt around the interwebs, a really good image of the various Shore Trooper action figures, which showed the Squad Leader markings and the Captain's markings (not that this model exists, but I will get one if it appears!!). 

Next Time

I'll get the Shores finished, and probably the Mortars crew painted and based and, assuming some out of print foliage arrives from Noble Knight at some point in the next week, I'll get started on the work for Panzerschreck in July. I have more Elefants, SdKfz 7/2s and Wespes to do and an old SdKfz 250 OP to repaint.