Saturday, 30 April 2016

And finally

Much like McBeth, i have a few projects on the go but nothing completely finished that i wanted to post.

The closest i have at the mo is my BoltAction US infantry (damn you Prinny!)

 No! Shoot over there!
 Where? There?
 Uh.. here?
 Just here
 No! Here
Ah to hell with that! EVERYWHERE!!!

Monday, 25 April 2016

McBeth's April update

Well, its been a while since I've posted. its not due to any painter's funk, in fact I've been pretty successful at painting figures over the last couple of weeks since the big Brandywine game.

While I'm happy NOT to be painting AWI British at the moment, I have been very happy with the new magpieism, Bolt Action! I have been painting some of the impressive Italeri 28mm British infantry for my growing Bolt Action force.

 Below are some pics of the figures so far. Normally I dont like posting half completed projects, but I feel that I need a little push to make me complete these as there are other projects I'm keen to start / finish / fantasise about!

The force is a platoon from the 'Forty Twa', The Black Watch from their time in the 51st Highland Division, France 1944-45. I've add in some of the metal Warlord Games heads with Tam O'Shanter hats. So far, the lieutenant, the sniper team, PIAT team and one section have been painted and half based. Another section is made up and undercoated black and is next on the painting bench once I finish the second project below.

My Lieutenant, He will be accompanied by a batman and a radio operator. The figure is made from the upper torso of a Italeri British kneeling figure and the lower half of a Victrix Napoleonic Highlander. 

PIAT team. I expect great things from this pair!

Sniper team. Watch out enemy officers...

Nothing to see here. No, this not a Churchill VII. But it is.
Next up, Commando support for the Scots.
Continuing with his great service, Laser Cut Rob came through with these for me. The one on the left will be my mortar team's base with space to add and remove figures for casualties. The one on the right shows the component pieces, a 70mm round 3mm MDF base with three 26mm holes cut into it, and a 1mm thick 70mm round black acrylic base that gets glued on the bottom.
Project 2: Flames of War. Yep, back into painting some 15mm WW2 from Battlefront. Its actually a bit of a chore to go back to this scale, but as it will a) finish off a long standing project and b) get an army ready for Panzershreck in July, I'll soldier on and get it done.

Pelarel and I are teaming up again this year. One will use my NZ Divisional Cavalry, the other these Free French Foreign Legion.

Legionnaire sappers! 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sneak Peek

So it's close to two years since I started this project and the end is in sight. Most of the army is painted and based and had some of it's flags attached (more are winging their way here because....well....flags?) 

As far as the remainder, I've got the base coats on the last four bases and the baggage needs some paint, some trees and for me to finish the entirely optional reroll markers. 

But, with all that said, a wee sneak peek at the Teutonic Order: 

The Generals
I am so looking forward to having this done!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pooch's Painting- March Part Two!

Part One can be found here...

So where Part One ended was with my Infinity Aleph, some UN Irish and some AWI done.


Next we have more Bolt Action! This time, it is my Germans. A whole load of German Grenadiers from Black Tree Miniatures, supported by tanks, halftracks and even artillery.

Why so many halftracks? Well, firstly, they are cool. Secondly, the Rubicon miniatures halftrack is a lovely kit, and thirdly, turns out I can have a Panzergrenadier Platoon for a 1000 point Bolt Action list!

All the infantry!

Radio-man (Black Tree Miniatures)

105mm Artillery (Warlord Games)

The armoured force (Warlord and Rubicon)

Panzer III L. I just love this tank (Warlord Games)

Tiger crew (Warlord Games)

Hetzers gonna hetz.... (Rubicon models)

Halftracks! (Rubicon Models)

Close up of the Stuka zu Fuss (Rubicon Models)
But wait, there is MORE!

I finished my Impetus Norman Army. Yes, you read that right.


I am as shocked as you are, I promise. The army is made up from two boxes of Conquest Games Norman Knights, and two boxes of Conquest Games Norman Infantry. Plus a whole lot of spare bits like crossbows, bows and javelins to make the various supporting troop choices. I must say, I do love converting plastic miniatures, it is probably the thing I miss most from no longer playing GW games...

The whole army, in it's carrying tub

Close up of some horsemen from my game at the weekend

Close up of some of the foot from the game at the weekend

The only metal figure in the army, a dog!

I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! (Conversion by me for the tower, figures from Studio Miniatures)
Right. So there you have it, I think you will agree that I managed to finish a whole lot of stuff this month! I am progressing pretty damn well against the goals I set myself at the start of the year, I have a few things on the slow grow, and I am mixing in a few shorter projects too. I am loving my current "actually finish stuff" approach- I hope it lasts!


Pooch's Painting- March Part One!

Goodness, three months, it is a whole quarter of the year gone!

I am cranking through the painting, managing to finish a number of big (ish) projects this month.

First, something small. Two units of AWI British Light Infantry for our big Blackpowder game over Easter. The Light Infantry performed in my usual style, being over aggressive and consequently being wiped out. So... that was fun!

Look at us all in a nice line

Next up, we have my Aleph force for Infinity. Prinny will attest that I bought these off him last year, or maybe the year before- regardless I got them through the magpie grapevine!

The Infinity Aleph models have a very cartoonish-anime style, alongside some very Greek names. My inspiration for the robots in the army came directly from the movie Chappie, (blue and orange). Once I had them sorted, I was a touch stuck on what to do with the human models. The anime style heads just weren't doing it for me, so I set off on a magical journey across the internet to find some I liked. Anvil Industries provided me with some awesome looking futuristic helmeted heads, which I then applied the tried and true NASA spacesuit colour scheme too!

And the results? Turns out I quite like painting orange....

The whole Aleph force as it currently stands

Achilles- I went with a dark "black-ops" style for him

Nagas, showing off the orange


I managed to paint something from the cupboard of sad and unloved model kits. This time, it is a patrol of Irish (converted Radio Dish Dash ANZACs) and their UN landrover, replete in it's dazzling white paint scheme.

jeez- how neat is that lettering?

Not as neat as the other side....
On to Page 2.... for Bolt Action and Impetus!