Friday, 3 November 2017

Boltgun Nostalgia

Earlier this year, a few of the locals started talking about the impending release of 8th edition Warhammer 40K over top of a game of Shadow War I played with dirty Harlequin player Pelarel. They were all very positive. I'll freely admit to being more than a little shocked. I watched some battle reports and read some forum posts and, well, went all in with Pooch, Scotty and Tank. Delightfully, we've also drawn McBeth and Pelarel into the net of GW!

I finally played a game last weekend. It was my first game of 40K since I gave it up at the end of 2nd Edition and I can't even remember when that was. Some time in the late 90s. So 20 years (ZOMG, I have been doing this for that long....!) ago, I last fired a boltgun in anger. And it was glorious. The game is simple, mechanically, but there is plenty of complexity and a surprising amount of depth. There was a lot of complaining on all sides about various delightfully broken things but the game looked good and was a lot of fun.

Scotty, Tank, Pooch and I played a four-player game so that we could get a feel for the rules. Scotty's Imperial Bananas Fists and my Deathwatch against Tank's Tyranids and Pooch's Death Guard. The result was....a win to the bad guys, but there was half a Dreadnought, half a squad of Terminators left at the end of the game.

Some pics:

Death Guard

The horde inbound

The brave, valiant and depressingly few defenders
A wild Mawloc appears! It uses GAK! It's super effective!

The Dreadnought used Powerfist! It was super effective. Then there was no more Mawloc. Instead there were a million fricking Genestealers!

In a battle between Broodlord and Primaries Dreadnought, always bet on Yellow. 
And yes. It's been ages. We know.