Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hussies, Remembering and Infinity

Hi all,


Last week neither Pelarel nor I could make it out to the club, so we decided to play a game of Infinity in Pelarel's basement instead!

We played a 252 point game (because that was all I had) of my Haqqislam against Pelarel's Yu Jing. It was my first game of Infinity V2 and Pelarel had not played many recently so alot of time was spent reading rules. To help, I had McBeth Junior no.2 rolling my dice. As it turned out, his ability to roll exactly what was needed (and therefore scoring a critical hit), turned the game completely in our favour.
The table: Pelarel's Infinity table is coming along nicely

Freedom! Enlightenment! Haqqislam!

Boo. Ninjas.

 The highlights of the game were;

  • My Djanbazan sniper being shot twice, but with two wounds and regeneration, popping back up to shoot and kill the ninja who shot him with his shock rifle,
  • The mook (Ghulam) who, upon spotting a door being opened 24" away and taking an ARO to shoot the said door opener, rolled exactly 5 on the die (the score needed to hit) and with that critical, took out another Asian corporate enforcer, and
  • The showdown between the Martial Arts L5, CC 22 ninja and my Martial Arts L3, CC21 Asawira, where as both had already lost a wound each, the Asawira rolled the exact score of 18 to crit the ninja and finish him off.

In the end, the mighty forces of freedom loving, enlighten Haqqislam triumphed over the evil corporations of Yu Jing.

Hussies and Remembering

When Nick passed last year, our friend Nichole was keen to get a memento from Nicks collection. One of the things she would laugh about was that the Napoleonic wars had units of Hussars, or Hussys, as she called them. Unfortunately all the Hussars Nick had painted were put into a job lot of his Napoleonic French so there were none left over for Nichole.

As I was going through some of Nicks left over stuff in my basement, I found a sprue of the Perry French Hussars and a thought occurred to me - why dont I paint them up and mount them for a display for Nichole. It took me a while to complete the work, but I was really happy to present Nichole with the finished product earlier this week. I hope she enjoys it.

Nicks Hussies
Hussies gonna Huss.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Bolt Action!

I have been busy painting but again, nothing has been ready to post. Now I've managed to finish painting my Bolt Action Scots, I have started to base them.

My Lieutenant and his two companions

The 3" mortar team and observer

Artillery observers.

The utterly useless PIAT team

Mr Churchill's fine armoured vehicle!
More to come as I finish the basing. Next up: Carthaginians for Impetus!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Team Yankee- Defending West Germany

Team Yankee has been one of the games which has fallen by the wayside as late, as Impetus or Bolt Action took the lead.
Instead of playing in the Bolt Action club day, McZ and Tank wanted to get back to the awesomeness that is 6mm Team Yankee. And when Tank was unable to make it, I didn't want to leave McZ without an opponent, so I gladly grabbed my big box o' freedom (my US forces) and we set about relearning the TY rules!
Game One: Hasty Attack, with the Russians as the aggressor.
My US Force. Nine M1 Abrams, 4 VADs, 2 ITOW, Cobras and M109s with Copperheads

McZ's Mighty Russian horde- T-72s, Hinds, recce, infantry, artillery..... eek!

Being a Hasty Attack, my US forces would only start half on table. Opting to put the M109s and VADs, as well as my poxy little ITOWs on table, with my Abrams to come on from reserve.
Defensive positions! The M109s with VADS ahead of them

McZ's BMP horde advances!

The first few turns were relatively quiet, the soviets advanced en-mass, and the M109's began raining down laser guided 155mm rounds onto the soviets.
Copperheads are fun. Even when you can't roll a 2+ firepower!
Hinds attack!
The Hinds arrived to strafe the artillery, only to find the VADS get so many dice (28 in fact!)- they both promptly dissolved under the weight of 20mm cannon shells.

BMPs under fire
The Soviet infantry continued to advance on the flank, finally dismounting out of their transports to assault the poor widdle ITOWs
The T-72s move full speed up the road!

Sir.... you might want to look behind you.....

The US helos arrived and promptly began gunning down the infantry on the runway
Rockets, chainguns and TOWs for the BMPs! Presents for everyone!

But on the right flank, the 9 Abrams were duking it out with two companies of T-72 tanks.

This is after the first few have been knocked out

This is verging on a Napoleonic firing line!

The Abrams eventually cut through the T-72s, breaking the Soviets. So the net result was a US win, for the loss of the ITOW platoon, and an Abrams platoon.

McZ rightly pointed out that our next game should just be the same scenario, with his force totally replenished, and mine with the permanent losses....

Game Two: No Retreat, with Russians as the aggressor

So, we learned a lot from Game One. Copperheads are cool, and don't fly hinds into VADS. McZ's Russians would not fall so easily in the next game....

Looking at the lists in the book, we noted that the tanks were awesomely cool, but we weren't sure about the infantry. Naturally, we decided to test that out, with the Soviet tanks attacking an M113 company!

My US company included 3 platoons of infantry in M113, 3 ITOW platoons, 2 M1 Abrams, a full battery of M109s with Copperheads, 2 Cobras and 2 A-10 Warthogs.

McZ had a mostly unchanged list, except dropping the infantry in favour of more AA, an airlanding troop and swapping a full battery of Hail launchers instead of the 2S-1s.

The M109 battery, with VADS ahead of it guarding the first objective

A full US Mech Platoon with 4 dragons guarding the town (and burning Abrams objective)

The lead Soviet formation advancing up the runway following their recce

Hinds, Gophers and more T-72s!

After figuring our way through a few deployment questions (what counts as a platoon and how to deploy stuff), it was game time!

The Soviets advanced, threatening everything everywhere, with Hinds destroying one of the picket ITOWs.

And then they went hunting Cobras (unsuccessfully)

The ITOWs were causing McZ no end of annoyance as their gone to ground and concealed nature made them damn hard to hit- so much so that McZ resorted to rushing them with T-72s to get within the minimum range of the TOW missile!

Pictured: Problems for the ITOWs

Pictured: well within minimum range!

The ITOW launchers were all destroyed, but managed to tie up the Soviets long enough to let the A-10s (AT 27 Mavericks? Yes please), Cobras, M109s and Abrams clean up the Soviet units.
Highlight for me was getting a sneaky flank kill on a T-72 with a Dragon from my infantry, and my last Cobra sitting above the Hail battery chewing through them with it's nose cannon.
But again, many, many lessons learned. Things like... preplanning artillery targets is in the rules, as is not having to spot specific teams (poor ITOWs won't last as long next time!). We also need to get a handle on how smoke works, because I think that will be a game changer for how we make the attack!
Team Yankee is a fun game. It plays in places a little like FOW lite, and for me that is not a bad thing at all. I like it for 6mm, I think the scale would annoy me for 15mm, but in 6mm it feels "right".
There are definite challenges for the attacker, especially in keeping your AA bubble up with your forces. The range on the TOW and Maverick missiles was such that I was always firing from extreme range, a long way away from McZ's AA assets. That said, it kept me from attacking what I really wanted to, instead leaving me to snipe things from afar.
The game does need new lists (especially for the Russians!), but we know they are on the way (Germans shortly, followed by British and hopefully more Russians- please BF!).
We are already planning the next game, it is time for the US to be doing the attacking, lets see how that goes!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Pooch's Painting- May

Ok, so this is super late, and I am not even going to try and make up an excuse.

Instead, I will distract you with pretty pictures, like...

These ones of additions to my Bolt Action German army!

Rubicon StuG G/StuH and a Warlord Marder III

This marder is simply lovely, such a good kit.

Warlord Motorbike and flamethrower team, as well as an Early Panzer III

Just the thing for invading Russia.... Unless you encounter a KV-1!

Initially, I disliked this model when I saw it online. Little did I realize how much I would enjoy painting the flames....

Every German army needs a BMW. This is fact.
So some cool wee additions to my Germans, adding in a few elements to let me do a more early war army, as well as some great late war elements! I think my Germans are more or less done at present, there is nothing I have a burning desire to add (I am sure someone will remind me that I don't have x and I just have to rush out and buy it...)

Sticking with Bolt Action, I have finished the fourth BA army for this year- US Rifles!

The whole horde
Black Tree Miniatures 57mm gun

Bazooka team

The Forward Air Controller showing off his sweet shoulder decal. Next time I think shoulder decals are a good idea, I have instructed my wife to slap me.

A standard issue GI with his standard issue Garand rifle

My sniper team, safely returned from the clutches of Tom's Lt Grohling. Which really means that I left him behind last time Tom and I had a game!

Prone guy with a BAR.

And another GI with Garand, this time showing off his Big Red One unit patch- again another decal.
On to the tanks...

The whole motor pool- Sherman and Stuart you have seen before with the US paras I painted

Rubicon M8 Greyhound- There was something fitting about naming a poxy armoured car after a barbarian...

And the same kit, just with a different top hatch to make and M20.

One of my personal favourite armoured vehicles, the M10 Tank Destroyer!

Same Rubicon kit, but with the M36 Jackson turret on top

Two Warlord Games halftracks, one with a 50, the other with an 81mm Mortar

Close up on the M24 mortar crew
So there it is, BA army number four! Overall, I am really happy with them. I am on the look out for some crew for the M10/Greyhound/Scott, but other than that, I think the army is more or less complete!

Lastly, this month I completed some Warlord Games Special Forces troops for their Project Z game. I decided to build them as a unit of the "Not Russian" Green Men from the Ukraine. Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the kit, but am happy to have them done (you can read more of what I thought here if you are curious).

7 man fireteam with NCO, RPG, RPK and some AKs

Close up on the NCO

One of the riflemen
So that was 7 of the 8 figures, so the final figure I converted to being my take on the Punisher, from the latest run of comics. Who better to do your zombie killing than him?

Anyway, that is it for this month, see you for the half yearly round up in a few weeks!