Friday, 28 October 2016

Air field Alpha.

Team Yankee has been another project and another scale. Taking TY on in 6mm has meant we all have armies to start with and its now all the fun stuff we can buy :) I love making terrain and I was inspired by some packing rubber a club member had brought along for guys to use. So I created the following. I have a 3 main buildings from Game Craft Miniatures. The warehouse, the terminal and the latest arrival, the hanger. The hanger is actually a 6mm building - it is indeed monstrous. I don't know how it will fit in to a full able - but I like it in this display. Inside the hanger I have parked an Intruder, a Viking and a Hawkeye. On the tarmac (at the ready) are 2 F4 Phantoms and 2 Cobras. My TY US stuff is based on 1980's Marines (even though they weren't in Germany at the tie) but hey - its all "what if" anyway. I also had a Chinook arrive this week, and although its not finished I thought I would add it in too. There are also a few 6mm cars in the carpark and the light towers. The fencing is a mish mash of what I have in my 6mm fencing box. So now we are ready for action.
Until next time - chur!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Progressing the Nappies.

School Holidays are a great time to catch up on painting - and I have been enjoying the Napoleonic painting in 15mm. Since my last post I have finished basing the Cavalry - discovered I miscounted when I ordered, finished another Battalion of Brunswickers, reflagged the 33rd West Riding Battalion and ordered the rest of my Cav and Brunswickers. So this is the overall project so far.
Thats 10 Battalions of infantry, 3 1/2 Regiments of Cav, Artillery and assorted Command stands.
Plenty more to do - probably a Brigade of Portuguese and finish the Light Cav, can't wait to get some more games in too.....hint, hint :) T