Saturday, 31 August 2019

One whole year.

Some stuff! 

I've managed to do a bit of painting this week, somehow. I've rebased my Teutonic Order Light Cavalry as a regiment of Villein Reconnoiterers and split my Teutonic crossbow (who were just awful in Impetus) into a couple of troops of Villein Bowmen for KoW.

I did a couple of the doods from Blackstone Fortress too. The Navigator will stand in for an Astropath in my Guard army. The robot....not sure yet. I have high hopes that one of these days I'll be able to drop him (like some of the other adventurers) into a game of 40K. 

Finally, I painted a couple of classic Wardancers for my Vanguard / Frostgrave Elves. 

And now, some blog thoughts

I can't believe I managed 52 of these. Some were a bit ropey, I admit, but I got a post up every week for a solid year. And I tell you something - I'm going to keep doing it. It's good fun and it's good motivation for me.

So what have I achieved painting wise in the last 12 months? This:

Not a bad effort right?

Clearly it's pretty heavily dominated by 40K as, having started back into a game I hadn't played since 1997, I have gone all in. I think all the nerds have gone....further than any of us expected and the TY army is mostly new. There's 5 more M60s to come but that's basically done. There's three more bases of Knights to do for KoW and that's done. There's still a bit of Guard and some Deathwatch to do as well. They're in the to do pile.

I looked back at my Christmas post about what I was going to do this year and, amazingly, I've done most of it. I am shocked. I haven't repainted my Arcanists for DracAm (although they're in the Simple Green) and I've still got a few Elves to do for Kings of War / Vanguard but most of it is done. I have also managed to play some Necromunda, and go all in on Marines for TY.

I still haven't managed to try Cruel Seas or Adeptus Titanicus (since I still haven't done the Slaanesh Titan Conversions I promised myself) but I've got four months for that. And McBeth has pointed out that Northstar are doing some 17th Century Spanish which might mean I'll need to give Impetus Baroque a go. It seems to be less dependent on large units (since most units are large) but I want to see how well balanced Tercios are since that's what I want to do.

For the next year, as the painting pile has been noticeably and manifestly reduced, I'm going to try and get more battle report type posts in. There's still plenty to do and a few other games I haven't managed to play.

Next Time
I pack all that stuff away. :) I've got a few other things in the 'mostly done' pile so I think I'll get onto those and work on the 1-year project. What's the 1-year project? If you stayed this long, it's this:

I've always wanted some Legion of the Damned so I bought some. And they're cool. We've got our second round of our local narrative 40K campaign and a squad of Damned Legionnaires seems, given how badly the Imperium side is doing in the campaign, the kind of unlooked for aid we need.

Pooch's August Update

Wait, an update actually on time on the last day of the month? Madness.

Statistically speaking it was probably going to happen once....

1. Paint a new 40k Army (On track)
Well, another month, another lot of Krieg got finished. This time there were three Autocannon teams, two Sentinels, a Hellhound and the second in my Execution Force!

Once again I am super thankful for some of the other club members both having an airbrush, and being competent with it. It's making the dull grey much more lively than it's name suggests! Anyway, on to what I got done...

Hellhound. It's the forgeworld Artemia pattern hellhound, and it's flipping gorgeous.

Two sentinels, each with a Heavy Flamer and a Hunter-Killer. So, so awful. Fun tho!

Autocannons. Made using normal Krieg models, plus scavenged autocannons, Anvil Industries tripods and some spare arms from Krieg Tank gunners for the firing models

And another angle on them

The smiling skull face of the Eversor Assassin. 2 of 4 assassins done!
2. Create a table of terrain to support a new game (Completed)

3. Make a modular terrain piece (Not done)
I think I have a plan for this now. Not that I have done any work or anything beyond the plan on it tho!

4. Paint a naval fleet (Completed)

5. Finish something for an army I haven't used in a year, and take it to a tournament (Completed)

6. Buy a starter box and paint all of it (Completed)

7. Paint every miniature for a game I own (Completed)

8. Paint a Space Marine Hero each month (On track)
Another month rolls around, and another Space Marine Hero got done! This time it's the Sergeant of the squad, armed with a chainsword and a grav pistol.

Dramatic pose is dramatic

Chainswords. Because practicality is not an important attribute in the 41st millenium

But not only did I complete the Sergeant, I also finished up a Space Marine Librarian for the Storm Lords too! This model basically came about because I wanted to play with the new Games Workshop contrast paints over metallics, before I used them in a commission. The recipie I used was a black undercoat, followed by Leadbelcher, then Necron Compound drybrush. And then gave it a good coat of the contrast paint Talassar Blue.

And that's it. And I really, really like how it came out. Which means I have DEFINITELY followed a similar method for the commission piece.

Space Wizard!

More Space Wizard!

The back of a Space Wizard!

9. Paint a stand alone force (Completed)

10. Update and improve a table of terrain (Completed)

11. Paint something Napoleonic (Not done)
I've got a plan (or two). Not actioned yet!

12. Finish what I should have last year (Completed)

Pretty simple one this month. Remember how last month I did half of the back of Morty? I did the other half this month.

I am liking the purple/off white/brown combo

Probably could do with some anti-bacterial wash after holding him....
So that's it, another month gone. Next month? I only have 10 Krieg to go. I really should finish them off. And maybe crank my way through a few more of the vehicles? Not sure if I will pick much more up for myself, I have a few commissions to knock off this month too.


Saturday, 24 August 2019

Who is the King of War?

It's not been a particularly productive week this week. I ran out of primer and it's taken me until today to get more. Having said that, I arranged with bloggers McBeth and Scotty to get in a couple of games of Kings of War at our club day yesterday and so I checked out whether the stuff I had painted and ready for basing could make up a tolerable 1500 point army. The answer was....just.

So I took out everything I could on Tuesday and got to basing with basically every spare bit of time and at ~1930 on Friday night, chucked on the last lot of flock. I said last week I was happier with the dayglo green flock. Still happier.

Villein Plowshares with Knightly assistance. Still some transfers to do tho! 

Order of the Brotherhood Foot

Villein Initiates. Surprisingly Effective. 

Order of the Abyssal Hunt. Oh damn! 

I've just been into the basement to prime the missing seven knights and four foot I need to finish up the bases I have got and I'm currently waiting on the release of Warlord Games' treemen to find a sensible replacement for the Elementals in the army.

The games! 

Lined up before assaulting the undead hordes
Against McBeth, the army performed fairly well. I comfortably out-cavalried his cavalry and even the relatively ordinary Villein Initiates steamrolled his better infantry. A unit of skeletons vs the regiment of Order of the Abyssal Hunt was objectively unfair. About as unfair as Lady Ilona murderating a bunch of cheeky AF peasants who charged her! In the end it was looking like a game where the Brotherhood would roll all the Undead infantry (I was always going to struggle with the two Vampires) until in one turn McBeth threw a 10, an 11 and a 12 for nerve tests and I lost ALL my cavalry units in one go. Ouch. But it was a close match and a lot of fun. 

Against Scotty, we went at it hammer and tongs. I sent the Forsaken Knight and a unit of Villeins into his elite infantry and blew them off the board in one go (FLUKE!) The following turn, he did the same to all my Order of the Brotherhood foot. We basically rumbled around the middle of the board and punched each other repeatedly during which I rolled FOUR double-1s on Nerve Tests. In a row. AARRGGHH!! After four turns, I'd finally rolled up all of his VERY effective heavy infantry but there wasn't a lot of my dudes left either. Again, a close match and a lot of fun. Scotty had some really interesting army choices - his pikemen were super mean and he had a warbeast monster thing that was staggeringly effective. I'm going to need one of those. Soon. 

It has made me wonder about another army. So tempting right now. But I will finish this one first. 

Next Time
It's the anniversary of my restarting blogging regularly. The project I was hoping to do for it has arrived in country but I won't have it in hand till Wednesday and there's literally zero way it'll get done for Sunday photos. If I can get the assembly done though, I'll totally blog it. Anyway, next time will be a bit of reflection and retrospection about getting back into this and a new thing or two that I'll be doing this week. 

Saturday, 17 August 2019

A Flappy Knight!

I posted these three years ago when I finally painted my Teutonic Order for Impetus. And I've run them a handful of times in that game and found that it's not a game that really let that army work all that well. There's a new version out, which I'll happily try out my Byzantines with but in the meantime, it occurred to me that these guys might have a life in Kings of War instead.

I made one big mistake with that army - a dark basing with a dark flock and I didn't like the look of it much. So while I'm rebasing for Kings of War, I'm going back to good old fashioned dayglo green!
I've started with the army HQ since it was a relatively easy effort to rebase. Much happier with the bright green too.

 Since KoW is a fantasy game, it would be rude to not have a wizard. The Brotherhood list in KoW has water wizards but that seemed wrong for a Teutonic Order army so I picked up a classic GW Amber Wizard. He's likely to do double duty when we get back to playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay as well. The army should also have Water Elementals but I think, given the theme, I'll have treemen instead. Mantic have just dropped some new ones that will warrant a look.

Finally, I painted this guy. He'll be a Brotherhood 'Order of Redemption' hero with his Pegasus. He still needs a flag but I'm waiting for all the transfers to dry so I can safely handle him to put it on. I've got a couple more to do who'll become a unit as well - the box came (amazingly) with 4 Pegasi, one of which has gone to blogger Scotty for his army, and a sprue of Teutonic Order knights. The unit should have three but I doubt I'd fit three on a 150mm wide base, given that this one is nearly 100mm wide at the wingtips!

Given my fairly unrelenting focus on Guardsmen of late, and Pooch reminding me that there isn't that many painting weeks before the competition I'm painting those Guardsmen for, I still have a couple of fairly serious bits of work to do. But I also don't have some of those bits yet. So I got to work on the workbench. I've managed to get 5 M60s assembled for my TY army, the third Sentinel for my Guard, a new Deathwatch Biker and 7 out of 9 new Primaris Marines for a longer-ranged Fortis Kill Team for my Deathwatch. The new updates for Space Marines from GW have got this project up the priority list quite quickly!

Next Time
Maybe some sci-fi? Maybe not. I'm also only a couple of weeks away from one year of weekly posts which is quite exciting. I've got a bit of plan for a painting project that I've always wanted to do but that but it does depend on it arriving from the UK between now and then.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Narrative Campaign Day One: Krieg Battle Report

Trying something a little different to go with the 40k Narrative Campaign we are running over the next 3 months. This is a recap of the first two games, and since Scott has put so much work into the narrative elements, seems rude to not lean into that and do a narrative recap of the battles!

I'll do better at getting photos next time....


Excerpt from the personal log of Captain Keller. Commanding Officer, B Company, 377th Krieg Siege Regiment deployed on Torak.

The 377th Krieg Siege Regiment was spent.

Over two years in the mud, defending a minor Forgeworld from the predations of Chaos had expended much of their seemingly unlimited manpower and material.

Torak was meant to be a recovery, a place to meet reinforcements being supplied from Krieg herself, a staging base before being sent to the next siege. Barracked on the northern side of Gurenja Hive, the Krieg soldiers had quickly found the local populace to be unfriendly at best.

Perhaps that was why I wasn't surprised when the Lord Commissar Krause entered the container serving as my command post. Local workers rebelling, needed to be put down before they caused problems to the factory output. We needed to secure a key pipeline, and ensure that any traitors were introduced to the sharp end of a Mk42 Entrenching Tool. She used all of the right words to get any Krieg soldier ready to fight- talk of heretics, rebellions and the foul taint of chaos. I haven't had a chance to ask her whether she knew what we were really going to be up against.

We mobilised quickly, a "show of force" was required against the traitors. As I watched the long, loping strides of the Armiger Arcus of House Hawkshroud on our flank, it took all of my experience to not begin thinking about what sort of "protein" my aide would be able to rustle up to add to the rations for our evening meal.

As we approached the factory district, our radios died. No voice, no static, no nothing. Just silence. Ahead of us, the factories were shrouded in fog, the silence emanating from there further adding to my sense of unease. I deployed squads to secure the right flank of the pipeline, and pushed our scouts forward.

Forward deployment in the factory district
The stillness was broken by two bright spears of light, coalescing on the hull of one of the scout sentinels. As it crumpled to the ground, Arcus begain firing, and I saw the shapes emerging from the fog. 

Barely audible over the Arcus' booming cannons was the sound of battle emerging from our right flank. I never saw what happened, but what little I could discern from the leader of our Jager squad Sgt. Fischer were of a monstrous demon emerging out of the fog, slaughtering third squad and most of the Jagers. Quite how he managed to not only survive, but kill the beast is something I will never quite be able to comprehend.

I never saw the right flank because of what had emerged from the fog. Shambling forward in ruined Manufactorum and PDF uniforms came what seemed to be a hundred of the enemy. The remaining sentinels strode forward, belching flames at what was now clearly locals who had given themselves over to the god of plague and pestilence. Wreathed in fire, the pox walkers continued on, surrounding the sentinels.

Honoured are those who sacrifice.
Thankful for the distraction, we poured the fire on to the enemy. Arcus' cannons cut swathes through the enemy, only to have the gaps in the ranks filled immediately with yet more of the enemy. 

First one, then another sentinel was dragged down under the sheer weight of bodies. The detonation of their fuel cells barely registering on the horde of bodies that now swarmed past them towards our defensive line.

The Lord Commissar ordered the withdrawl, apparently when Fischer killed the big demon some of our vox relays came back. Once we had established contact with command, my second call was to the nearest Basilisk battery with range to our location. We were almost at the end of our phased withdrawl when the first earthshaker rounds began landing on top of the position we had just vacated. We used the cover from the battery to begin our withdrawl.

It was from the commander of that Basilisk battery that I learned that this wasn't an isolated incident, but rather the opening moves in something far worse. Our withdrawl orders were to return to, and secure the Astropathic Choir Hall, a suitably gothic sounding name for a bleak, monolithic structure. The Astropaths were critical to send communications out to nearby starships and planets for reinforcements. We were the lucky ones who were the closest to it, so we had to secure it.

Lucky us.

We didn't get to within two clicks of the Choir Hall when the enemy sprang their ambush. Our orders were clear, we had to push through the ambush and reach the Choir Hall.

Deployment to repel the ambush
It was Arcus' cannons that once again welcomed the battle, tearing apart an enemy walker with it's heavy shells. Seeing a large, winged beast looming behind some ruins, I ordered Fischer's Jagers, my command squad and 2nd squad to bring it down. The characteristic whine of the plasmagun sounded wrong as the four gunners prepared to fire.

As each soldier pulled the trigger, their weapons exploded. Four veteran soldiers, with reliable plasma weapons. Killed by plasma cells created by workers who bore secret allegiances to dark gods. It was not without a large amount of trepidation did I fire my own plasma pistol, only to have it fizz and sputter- but thankfully not detonate.

We brought that monstrosity down eventually, but not before it had killed all of my command squad, all of 2nd squad and brought down most of Fischer's men. I think it was Fischer himself who brought it down, his hot-shot laspistol bearing none of the power cell problems of the plasma weapons.

Caught up in my own private war, I had missed watching the spectacle of Arcus dueling with two monstrous demonic beasts which could summon weaponry from their very person.

I missed the sacrifice of our Special Weapon Squad, Specialist Weber holding the demolition charge tight to his chest as the enemy sorcerer impaled him, killing both in the ensuing fireball.

I missed the heroism of those who left the sounds of battle, and screams of the dying to ensure that Krieg were the first to reach the Choir Hall.
Veterans leading the charge to the Choir Hall
I did not miss watching the Lord Commissar duel the traitor Space Marines. Unnaturally quick, the enemy charged through the defensive fire, one succumbing to a krak missile fired at point blank range. The remaining two drove straight at the Lord Commissar, one catching her in his immense powerfist, squeezing her and then tossing her aside with a sigh of what could only be described as disappointment. 

I was there to witness the Lord Commissar stand up. I saw her rise as a divine instrument of the Emperor's wrath.

I was there to watch her level her bolt pistol and shoot both traitors in the head as they slaughtered the last members of first squad.

And I was there to steady her as she almost fell again.

I am writing this from the defenses we have erected around the Choir Hall. From my position I can see the remaining squads attempting to cobble together their ammunition. Arcus is lit up by the lights of welding torches, great rents torn into it's armour by the day's battles. I don't know what fresh horror tomorrow will bring....

Saturday, 10 August 2019

So what have we learned about Guard?


Let's look at something fun first - PERMITTED ABHUMANS!

Because I'd already painted 40-some GW Cadians, I figured I'd find something else to be my Veterans in my Guard army. Cue Victoria Miniatures 'Broolian Beastguard' or, in my case, Imperial Beastmen - the PERMITTED ABHUMANS! I can't say I really enjoyed the assembly all that much although some of that is certainly my fault, but I really enjoyed painting them. The details are crisp, the castings were lovely and the kit design was easy to drop in the shotguns and meltaguns. And they look great!

So the Guard army is looking very close to complete. I have a third Sentinel to paint and a couple of Leman Russ for a competition later in the year but otherwise, I think I might be done with my reinforced platoon of Guardsmen. Which is good, because as GW are reworking Space Marines for 40K at the mo, I'll be putting some more time and work into my Deathwatch.

This went better than I thought it would TBH. Guardsmen are surprisingly effective, providing you can keep them alive. The Guard orders are remarkably flexible (although I am going to have to get some more officers to make it really sing) and lasguns aren't altogether terrible when you can use First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire.

Rather than go into a blow by blow of the two games I'll summarise the adventures of Inquisitor Gnaeus Aldo. The first game was against blogger Pel's Emperors Children. It was an absolute bloodbath (1-0 to Pel in the end) with two real highlights - Guard heavy weapons popping the Emperor's Children Helbrute was fun and the deep striking Obliterators taking my Inquisitor out before tying up a pair of Guard squads for most of the game.

Forward Manipulus Aldo! 

Guardsmen! Advance! 


The end of Game 1
Another highlight from round one for blogger Pooch:
Turns out that two Sentinels can't kick that many Poxwalkers to death...

Game two was a dash across the board against new player Ben's Orks. The new Ork codex is cool. It's really, really cool. It's hilariously designed to be fluffy and also effective. I'd almost be tempted if I could face a painting project of that magnitude!

The armoured wedge of Guardsmen made it a long way across the board (it was such a tight game I completely forgot to take photos. But in the end, all the Guardsmen were killed getting the officer cadre off the table. Unfortunately Mortis and Ordiantus, piloting the Valkyrie, buzzed around the table strafing Orks and didn't leave the table in time to give victory to Manipulus Aldo. But being able to have two units of Guardsmen rapid fire lasguns into an Ork boyz unit at short range is amazing. And then they get wrecked by Nobz.

It was a lot of fun. For the next narrative day, I'm hoping to be able to put together a fun list still based on Manipulus Aldo, but with a Deathwatch Kill Team included this time as well. It might even be the Fortis Kill Team...

Next Time
I'm going to take a break from the sci-fi posts for a while and get to work on a project to rebase my Teutonic Order for Kings of War. I will be painting a few new models for that, so expect to see those in the future. I've also picked up the last 5 M60s for my Marines in TY and I'm quite keen to nail those down too.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Pooch's July Update

A little bit late on this update, sorry. But, I did do some painting, which is great!

This month saw me have a couple of weeks of Funemployment between jobs, as well as a week and a half of no painting while I was on holiday. So... those two more or less balanced each other out, but I still got a fair bit done.

1. Paint a new 40k Army (On track)
I  made some good progress on this one, which was mainly focused in on the 1000 point Narrative Competition that one of the Regimenters is running next month. He has put a fair few rules in to encourage fluffy and fun lists over power gaming- which suits my style of Krieg down to the ground.

A full squad of Tempestus Scions have been on my "want" list for a while. I converted them all to have greatcoats, to match with the Krieg theme. I am particularly happy with how those have come out!

The whole mob of 10
Close up one one

The back shows off the greatcoat a bit better
Along with the Scions I have a Scion boss- made from a Krieg body, with some scion pieces added, as well as a Forward Air Controller (or whatever he is called in this game).
Boss and radio. Guess I need something airborne to have the FAC call in....
I finished up some more models for my Command Squads too. I made the decision to put the heavy weapons into the squads, mainly to make room for a Master Vox caster. Seemed rude not to give the other guy a plasma gun....

Dramatically pointing for effect. Command Squad doctrine 101.
I've decided too that I want to have all of the assassins. For.... reasons. First up, is the Culexus!

Not who you want to meet down a dark alley......
And lastly, here is the big rooster from my narrative list. The big chicken himself, an Armiger Helverin!

Not hard to see why he is the big chicken right?

Such an awesome model (note squashed nurglings at his feet)

That poxwalker didn't make it....

2. Create a table of terrain to support a new game (Completed)

3. Make a modular terrain piece (Not done)
No progress on this one as yet, and still no plans to.... in short, this one is a bit of a problem.

4. Paint a naval fleet (Completed)

5. Finish something for an army I haven't used in a year, and take it to a tournament (Done)
July was the Panzershrek tournament, where Team Sunshine and Rainbows was made up of my US Team Yankee army, which hasn't seen the light of day in quite some time. To get it tournament ready, I added some more M1A1 tanks, some more anti-aircraft and more M113s. After painting the two Cobra helicopters I picked up at the convention too, it means the US are totally done too, which is great.
This is my whole Team Yankee collection.....

Close up of one of the new M1A1s. I went with a platoon in 3 tone to differentiate what formation it was in.

Top view to show off the 3 tone camo.
This was our whole force for Panzershrek

I'll pick up more US when these arrive!

6. Buy a starter box and paint all of it (Completed)

7. Paint every miniature for a game I own (Completed)

8. Paint a Space Marine Hero each month (On track)
Another month, another Hero done.

This Marine is bringing the pain with a Missile Launcher. That makes seven done, and I have a good plan for which ones will be the last 5 for the year. Feeling good about this one!

Kneeling, with a missile coming out of the launcher. It's a cool as model.
Seven months of Space Marine Heroes!

9. Paint a stand alone force (Completed)

10. Update and improve a table of terrain (Done)
Along with finishing up my US TY army, I finished up some updates for my table of modern desert terrain. I had some Gamecraft Miniatures buildings, some Battlefront motorways and some poppy fields made already, which was good but needed those finishing touches for a table I had envisaged. So this month I carved some hills (foam supplied by another Regimenter), painted some bill boards and some palm trees- and got a new basecloth! It's these little things that just finish a table off.

A 6x4 version of the terrain
The awesome billboard images Battlekiwi created for me. The billboard itself is from Battlefront
And the M1A1s deploying onto the motorway to Basra....
11. Paint something Napoleonic (Not done)
I've now got a plan for this one!

12. Finish what I should have last year (Completed)

Ok, so the second sub-assembly is now done, which is one half of his torso. I'm liking the purple/brown/dirty white contrast, so am feeling good about it. This is my first sub-assembly paint, so it's definitly going to be interesting when it comes time to actually assemble the damn thing....

Guess which half is painted!

The back showing the brown and purple
So at the end of seven months, there are just two left not done, two in progress and eight completed.

I'd say I'm well on track!

Next month? More Krieg, I am hoping to get that infantry done and maybe some vehicles?