Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Where have you been lately?

That's right! This blog has been really quiet for some time now, so I thought it would be a good time for an update. Nothing major is the answer to the post's title. We've all been relatively busy with various things since last year. ValleyCon came and went with us forming the committee for that and the accompanying work load was quite exhaustive. We've been playing games (most of us have dived head first into 40k of all things!) and Mr Pocch and I have started a company (check us out on Facebook - Staghound Gardens).

Yesterday was ANZAC day here in New Zealand and it is a national holiday. What better way to spend the afternoon that playing wargames. Not wanting to stretch our feeble minds too much, Tank Engine, Scotty and I decided to play Mantic Games 'The Walking Dead' in a big three way. Random characters and equipment with a grab the most loot scenario. This is a very fun rule set!


Tank Engine hosted and the great terrain and models are all his. We had a lot of fun with Scotty's Negan lead raiders snaring 6 supply caches, my Ezekiel lead group grabbing 3 caches and Tank's Rick lead survivors getting 2 (I think).