Saturday, 12 November 2016

Bolt Action.....with automatic rifles....

Seems like an age since I've posted anything, which is weirdly not to suggest that I haven't been productive over the past while. I've painted a lot of Infinity stuff and there's a draft post waiting for me to finish the last eight models, do some much needed cleanup work and take some decent photos.

I've previewed a few models from my Bolt Action collection before but I figured after their semi successful outing over the weekend, I should take a decent set of pics.

FAO, Medic and 1st Lieutenant
One Rifle Squad
Two Rifle Squad
Three Rif...*cough cough* Engineer Squad with Flamethrower
.30cal Team
Sniper and Bazooka Teams
Artillery Support - 81mm and 45mm Mortar Teams
M8 Greyhound and M20 Utility
Sherman Bulldozer
One of the things that always vexxed me about painting Americans in that the Sherman is so bleeding boring to look at. However, thanks to the chaps at Company B, I've made mine into a doozer. Who doozes. And it's great. It's a bit of a pain of an add on but it does make me ponder their Calliope.......(!)

There's also a Chaffee on the assembly table at the moment, an M18 Hellcat on the wish list and I've promised myself one of Mad Bob's Long Toms as a Christmas present. Why? I hear you ask. Why not? is the only answer I can give.

I've also started work on some Frostgrave terrain now that I've knocked off a winter BA table for this army (which I meant to take some photos of over the weekend and completely forgot. Also the lighting in the club hall was terrible. Yep, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

Pooch and I (and maybe Scotty and McBeth) are also working on a throwback surprise for this year's 12 Games of Gamesmas. It's going to be terrible to behold....I'll get a sneak peek up next week.