Wednesday, 29 April 2015

So now what do I do??

Having spent the last couple of months working almost exclusively on 54mm New Zealanders and Turks as part of a Gallipoli diorama that forms part of a World War One commemoration exhibition being staged here in Wellington it has been a welcome change this last week to spend some time painting in 15mm.

....a side note. The diorama project was, in it's own way, the genesis of this blog as we sat in Pelarel's garage of an evening (drinking whiskey and painting) talking about how that, between the seven of us, we probably had enough material to write a blog of sorts that people might actually read for some reason or another.

Anyway, I digress. Without further ado, I present some Paracadutisti, who have had a wee tidy up and their newly painted supporting Fallschirmjager and Heer allies.

Paracadutisti Platoons and Command

Paracadutisti HMGs and Fallschirmjager Light Guns

Some of the Heer Brummars and Fallschirmjager Artillery

The camo patterns won't show up much at this scale, especially not with phone pictures but I can say that I didn't spend too much effort trying to paint splinter camo on those FJs. There is a hint of tan and green that breaks up the beige uniform tunics but mostly I've relied on different helmets and the odd tunic in Field Grey or Luftwaffe uniform to break up the monotony, especially compared to the surprisingly uniform Italians.

It's been a nice change of pace and scale to go back to something that gives a pleasing result so easily and, perhaps if I am so inclined, I'll go back and paint up a couple more guns and maybe a platoon of actual Fallschirmjager to make the army a standalone force in the not too distant future. Thanks to Tank Engine for fishing out the box of stripped back FJs for me to get to work on.

In the meantime though, my Byzantines have arrived from faraway shores and with our Impetus competition less than a month away, I need to get cracking, especially as a couple of them are going to require a bit of reposing.

Warma-finity - or 2 systems in one day

Sunday 26th was the Hutt Club meeting date at the end of April, it would usually have been the saturday but the school hall was being used for an ANZAC day service.

One of the little projects I've had on the back-burner for a little while is a campaign system for Warmachine. I enjoy one off games as much as the next magpie but nothing beats playing a series of linked games where you can really aim for a strategic goal. The best systems ensure that the results from earlier games have a noticeable impact on future games, and not necessarily in terms of inceasing or decreasing the number of campaign turns are needed.

Warmachine is one of my games of the moment, well, the last 6 years or so really but let's just keep with "moment" :). Privateer Press came up with the idea of a map based campaign system in their Mark 1 warmachine release "Apotheosis". For those not in the know, Warmachine has been around as a tabletop game for roughly 11 years and in 2010 the rules received a major shake down - MK2. This changed the unit points system, streamlined a whole raft opf rules and re-base lined a number of models that had succumbed to power creep. All in all, after an initial gnashing and wailing from a few players as their "broken" combos no longer worked, the re-work was generally considered a very good move and the game received a meteoric surge in popularity. Unfortunately, this also meant that a lot of the campaign rules in Apotheosis no longer worked, Points scales and scenario victory conditions had changed significantly. 

The original campaign map scavenged from somewhere on the interwebs

This wasn't good enough! So,  a couple of months ago, I suggested to Tom, Scott and Alex that I'd like to have a go at re-writing the campaign rules whilst trying to keep some of the more "fluffy" elements of the original system intact (scenario balance was quite an original concept in the early days of Mk1 so some things were a little wonky!). They were enthusiastic so, after a few weeks work, the 26th was chosen as the club day for round 1.

Each of us chose a warmachine faction - Alex had protectorate of Menoth, Tom - Khador, Scott - Mercenaries (as a replacement for Cygnar) and I had my usual undead Cryx-iness.

We each had 3, 50 point armies to use and could attack territories up to 3 map spaces away. Victory could be achieved by either controlling 22 map zones or completing your 3 fixed "Strategic Objectives" - each one tied to a specific map section and with a unique scenario.

Round 1 kicked off with Tom and I facing off whilst Alex and Scott played their scenario out. I had gone straight for one of my strategic objectives whilst Scott was surrounded in the middle of the table in a last stand scenario against Al's Menoth.

 My Cryxian horde of zombies led by Iron Lich Asphyxious (left) faces off the army of the Motherland led by Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark prince. My mission was to find an artefact located in one of the three buildings in the centre of the board and carry it off my table edge - much harder than it sounds in Warmachine!
Scotts Mercenary army led by Magnus the Traitor is cornered by Al's Menoth led by... some Warcaster who's name I have completely forgotten. Both sides win by killing their opponent's caster :)

Al and Scott's game was over relatively quickly - i can't remember who won it right now but I'm sure one of them will drop a comment below to clear that up :)

Tom and I's game lasted a wee bit longer - maybe 2 hours longer! At the end of the game I had only my Warcaster left whilst Tom had his caster, 2 widowmakers a couple of Assault Commandoes and a dog (yes, a dog) I had just baited Tom with my Slayer warjack and he committed his Warcaster to kill it. This left him just close enough for my Warcatser to walk up and put an end to the game - it was a close one!

After this game, Tom moved on to running a game of Flames of War for Scott and another first time player so Al and I broke out our infinity minis for a first run through the V3 rules - and we were impressed!

 Ye Olde Necromunda terrain put to good use

 It may just be that the rules are explained a lot better in this version of the game as well as the streamlining that the developers have put into the game sequences and skills - particularly the ARO sequence, that could be nightmarish in V2! but this game played really well - we each used the starter boxes for our respective faction - Al had his Ju Ching Chinese sectorial army and I had my Ju Ching Japanese sectorial force - so a sort of intra faction "training exercise" :) We played the game out in about an hour and were both left wanting more! I think the next club meeting will see several more games played with a few more of the Magpies involved :)



Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tom's in Nappy's

A project I have wanted to do for a very long time is Napoleonics. I had an abortive attempt at 28mm French a few years ago but couldn't face painting that much 28mm Napoleonics, plus there has been a lack of rules which excite me. So recently an opportunity to play a cool, fast moving game has sprung up and it uses 15mm. Bandwagon was immediately jumped on. I bought some AB figures from Eureka - had to have Highlanders and British Line - and I am cracking on with the paint job. I am not the worlds most knowledgeable historian of this period, in fact most of my excitement comes directly from the Sharpe books. This is leading to me creating a force I like the sound and look of rather than anything particularly historically accurate. I have also resisted the temptation of buying and painting the 95th Rifles (Sharpes lot). So these will be a generic bunch of troops so I can play and enjoy the game of the movie of the history. :)
Cheers All Tom

Friday, 24 April 2015

Missing. Believed Killed in Action

Its ANZAC day here in New Zealand tomorrow and the whole country is in a very interesting state of self contemplation and unity of thought. As the 100th anniversary of the landings that marked the beginning of the Gallipoli campaign, this year's commemorations are especially poignant.

To mark the centenary, I've organised the family to go to the dawn service at the newly completed National War Memorial park in Tory Street. It is also the location for the Peter Jackson WW1 museum the team and I were lucky to help put the 54mm Chunuk Bair diorama together. As parking nearby will be about as well organised as the actual Dardanelles campaign itself, we decided to avail ourselves of the free accommodation at my parent's place - only about 200m down Tory street from the ceremony. While eating dinner with Dad, he bought out our own family history of WW1.

I was vaguely aware of Grandad telling me about his uncles who served in the war but it was 30 years ago and I had forgotten most of it until Dad showed me the bits and pieces he still has.

I had two great-great uncles who served in WW1. Edgar Keeffe served with the Canterbury Mounted Rifles and his brother Alex Keeffe was in the Canterbury Regiment of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade. Alex joined up in 1916 and was sent to France. There he wounded, losing an arm, at Passchendaele. He was invalided back home on the famous hospital ship, the Maheno, making it back to Timaru in January 1917. The tough old bugger died in 1971, a couple of years before I was born.

Edgar however, joined up in 1915 and was sent to Egypt and then Gallipoli. On the 21st of August 1915, near the end of the campaign the Imperial forces tried one last attempt to link the ANZAC positions with those of the British IX Corps in Suvla bay. So was fought the battle of Hill 60. Another chapter in a long history of military cockups was written that day. Edgar was listed as missing once the battles ended and not long after, was officially listed as killed in action. No body was ever found but he has a grave marker, so I am told, in the Hill 60 memorial on Gallipoli.

King George's letter to fallen servicemen

The large medallion is a memorial medal. It came with the letter and reads:
He died for freedom and honour; Edgar Joseph Keeffe.

Also pictured is a letter from Edgar. It is strangely dated 1917, but refers to the trip out to Egypt, so must have been transcribed from an earlier letter home.

Edgar's picture in the Timaru newspaper, listing him as Missing. Picture of Edgar in his NZMR uniform with some friends (seated at back on left).
     I'm not going to get soppy now, I'll probably have a blub tomorrow. I'm happy to be able to share this with everyone though.


Monday, 20 April 2015

Prinny gets hit by the magpie......

So the plan for me was to paint up my Skorne and get into warmahordes finally....

The plan was:

1. Start with a warcaster to try out the paint scheme.


2.  Purchase All-in-One Skorne army box with a third warcaster because...well, a guy on a rhino is super fun.

Sitting at home safe and sound so.... Check

3.  Assemble and paint all purchased figures.

Well this guy is from the box so....YAY?
4.  Start to play games and then buy yet more figures to get two 50 point lists that I am happy with.

I will get to this stage... no really I will.....

As you may be able to tell things have not gone 100% to the plan. After playing McBeth I remembered just how much I enjoy playing Impetus.

On May 23 I will be running a one day Impetus competition LINKY so I have been looking at different army books to see what interesting armies are out there, which gets me back to my GW days......

Many years ago I had a Bretonnian army, which was full of cheesy goodness as all fantasy armies should be and Extra Impetus 5 has lots of fun feudal armies to play.

After looking at the lists I have decided to go with an Early Feudal English list which will comprise of the following:

Average Command
3 x Re-Rolls [Trust me I need these]
8 x Exploration Points [Roll 2D6 and add these at the start of the battle, whoever rolls the highest gets to decide terrain, so no nasty forests on this table thank you very much!]

Fair General
4 x CP Feudal Knights
1 x CP Sergents
1 x CL Mounted Crossbowmen or Welsh Cav

Fair General
1 x Large unit of FP Merc Foot VBU 5
2 x Large unit of FP Foot Sergents
1 x T Merc Crossbowmen VBU 4 with Pavese
1 x T English Archers
1 x S Irish Foot

So I have two boxes of the Fireforge Games Knight Templar and Foot Sergents on the way to me from Wayland Games..... hopefully they will be quicker than when McZermof ordered his :)

But I did have some Perry Miniature plastics in my box of bits so I have painted up the stand of Merc Crossbowmen..... do not look too hard at the clothing, they are peasants, it will be fine.

Well another bumbling post, chat to you next week.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

"We don't practice for Panzerschreck!"

well, maybe once....

Scott and Bryan from up the Kapiti coast had asked Simon about a practice game for the upcoming Flames of war doubles tournament "PanzerSchreck", held in Palmerston North in July. Simon and I hastily gathered the minis for the lists that Simon had thrown together and the four of us assembled in my garage on a sunny Saturday afternoon.. something about wargaming seems to bring out the best in the weather... sigh.. :)

Scott and Bryan were running a combination of Panzer Gernadiers and  a Panzer IV company. The Grenadiers had a couple of Brummbars which Bryan wanted to give a test run and arty in the form of a Nebelwurfer battery and a couple fo 75mm field guns whilst Scott had a couple of Stuh42s and a couple of 8 rads running around with his Panzers.

Simon was running some NZ commonwealth infantry with some US 105mm arty a troop of M10s and some universal carriers for recce whilst I had a British infantry company with some 6pdrs, 17 pdrs and a Sherman troop. It was going to be an interesting matchup!

we rolled up the scenario and ended up playing Counterattack. As Simon and I were a double infantry company, we were defending!

As the forces used at Panzerschreck are 2x1000pt companies, the games are played on an 8ft by 4ft table, this tends to stretch deployment zones out a bit but, as all deployment zones are measured from the centre of the table, you don't spend the first three turns moving to contact.

 The mission allows us, as defenders,  to have only one mobile unit on table at the start of the game but we are allowed a unit in ambush. we chose to keep the M10 platoon on table but placed it in ambush, whilst the Shermans and the Carrier patrol were held in reserve. You can see our deployment in the bottom left of this shot with Scott and Bryan deploying in the top left corner.

We placed the red objective in the bottom left of the shot whilst Scott and Bryan's objective can just be seen level with Simon's elbow..

 A view form the 105mm park.
 The Panzers and Grenadiers muster for the counter attack!
One of the British infantry platoons form up in the blasted orchard ready to make for the German objective.

The game started with Bryan sending a Grenadier platoon straight down the long table directly for our objective. these were supported by the Brummbars and the HQ section of mortars. to get at our objective, he had to work his way through first my other British infantry platoon, my 17 pdrs on the hill and a Kiwi platoon behind that! Meanwhile, Scott sent a PzIV platoon along the furthest short table edge to keep an eye out for our reserve platoons whilst everything else pushed through the centre of the table.

Bryan was able to roll up my infantry platoon by the fourth turn and push on quite handily for the flanks of my other infantry platoon in the orchard, after my 17pdrs were wiped out by Nebelwerfer and Stuh42 fire - heavy guns in the open are a big no-no people!

Scott's push through the ruined farmhouse started well with tank after tank passing bogging checks and generally driving like they thought it was a Fast and Furious movie! however, my 6pdrs were waiting by this time!

with some lucky Arty fire forcing the Company HQ to move into one of the nearest two tanks, the 6pdrs fired along the orchard wall, bailing them both out! With one tank destroyed and four bailed, this forced a platoon morale check which Scott failed.. twice!!! Chalk up one platoon and sir! With the tourney rules stating that if one company breaks, both break, Simon and I started picking on Scott's platoons to try to force it.

By the third turn, our recce platoon turned up and quickly doubled to behind the woods behind the Nebelwerfer battery. from here they proceeded to be a little intimidated by the 75mm field gun battery that came to help their big brothers and spent their time skulking behind the woods picking off arty observers with their MGs.

My shermans arrived the following turn and started a gun duel with thh watchful PzIV platoon, I remember losing a Sherman but I think I only managed to bail out a PzIII, sigh..

Simon's M10s appeared on our left flank and proceeded to knock on the doors of the Brummbars, forcefully... :) 

Back to the centre of the table and Bryan's uber grenadier platoon had assaulted my 6pdr platoon, destroying two gun teams but were left straddling a hedgerow with only 4 sections remaining. At this point my infantry platoon moved out of their foxholes in the orchard and, with some supporting fire from the remaining 6pdrs and Simon's kiwi infantry platoon, saw off the remaining Grenadiers.

Time was finally called at the end of turn 6 with people having to go home,

all in all, a very good game that poked some holes in both lists. the main benefit was a lot of discussion around the finer points of the rules - Simon's knowledge being nothing short of encyclopedic - and Bryan being able to decide whether or not he wanted to invest in that second Brummbar model.

I also found that the British tended to give PIATs to those infantry who couldn't shoot straight anyway so it wasn't worth giving them a rifle...

 ok, I have a feeling that the next post might be a bit more painting related.



My current glittery prize, err project

Right. As with most wargamers, I have several projects on the go or planned or wished or, well whatever. I thought I'd show some pics of my current project that is taking most of my painting time at the moment.

Here we have the beginnings of my 15/18mm 1813 Austrian Army. I'm steadily making my way through painting 8 battalions of infantry (6 German and 2 Hungarian), 3 squadrons of cavalry (2 Dragoons and 1 Hussar), 2 batteries of artillery and the various command, skirmisher and limber bases needed. I plan on using the blog to motivate me to keep painting so I can keep the updates coming.

So far I have completed 2 battalions of infantry, one artillery battery, the Dragoons and the skirmishers and commands. They are glued to bases but I've not yet done the basing for them for two reasons. One is that I am unsure of what style of basing I'll use in regards to flock, colour and sand and the second is that I'm unsure if they will stay on the size bases that are in the pictures. They are currently based for Napoleon at War ( a reasonably enjoyable set of rules from Spain. The company producing the rules is going through an .... odd patch at the moment so I'll keep my options open.

The force I am trying to represent (albeit veeeery loosely) is:

Allied Order-of-Battle at Leipzig: 16-18 October 1813

Austrian III Corps

The Allied Army of Bohemia
Murray de Melgum, Feld Marshall Leutnant Albrecht-Josef, Graf

Line Division
Brigade 1, Major General Lamezan-Salins
Infantry Regiment Ferdinand, Kurfurst von Wurzburg Nr. 7: 3 battalions
Infantry Regiment Erzherzog Ludwig-Josef Nr. 8: 3 battalions
1 Foot Battery: 8 guns

Brigade 2, Major General Weigl von Lowenwarth 
Infantry Regiment Freiherr von Mariassy de Markus et Bastis-Falva Nr. 37: 2 battalions
Infantry Regiment Graf Ignatz Gyulai von Maros-Nemeth und Nadaska Nr. 60: 2 battalions

1 Foot Battery: 8 guns

How can you not have a band manager Divisional commander named Murray?

Err, yes. Yes I did.

Muzza and his aide de camps (Jermaine and Brett) on the large base and (from l-r) von Lowenwarth, the as yet unnamed cavalry commander and Lamezan-Salins

The first two battalions of Infantry Regiment no. 7 with Brigade commander Lamezan-Salins in the background. One skirmish base is made of Jaegers, the other (in the back) are Grenzers. Flags to come.

The other six bases of skirmishers are done (but not photographed) and I am working on two battalions of Infantry Regiment no.8 next :)

Two squadrons of Dragoons

The first artillery battery. Three 6 pounders and a 5.5" howitzer. I'm unsure whether the drivers of the limber were artillerymen or infantrymen but I've painted them in infantry white rather than artillery squirt brown.

The figures are predominately Blue Moon ( for the infantry, command and guns. The limber, cavalry and skirmishers come from AB ( I really like the Blue Moon figures and I have used them before for a British Army from the American Revolution for the Maurice rule set. The infantry are really nice and the price cannot be believed. With a 40% discount from Old Glory on the packs of 30 infantry, a 15mm army is quite cheap. AB are nice too, but damn are they expensive!

A quick word about the bases. I met a great chap based up in Paraparaumu (or 'Pram' to the honkys) a while back who does laser cutting. LaserCut Rob (as we call him) runs a great service for laser cutting MDF bases for wargamers and he is interested in getting more into maybe making buildings and other terrain pieces. I'll post a link to his contact details a little later on (if he is ok with that) so if you have ideas or want a talk about bases and orders with him, you can. 

Thanks to Pelarel for the camera work!

Thats it so far. Go me.

Prinny tries again.... and again

So I picked up my package from the post shop today :)

As you can see it is full of Hordes figures, the Privateer Press (PP) all in one. Army boxes are amazing value.

Warmachine / Hordes (Warmahordes) and I have had a long and, up to this point, unsuccessful history. I started to play way back with MK1 of the rules with figures purchased for Kahdor, Mercs, Cryx and Circle factions.

With MK2 of the rules coming out I tried again to get into the game. I tried with Retribution, Menoth and Mercs again, but again I failed to click with the game.

So why try again? Well, two main reasons:

1, In NZ the warmahordes community is large and that means that there is a good organised play scene with the Press Gangers in Wellington doing an amazing job here.

2, It is a good game, I like a lot of what the rules are trying to do and I enjoy the background of the world that PP has created.

So I am trying out Skorne this time. My plan for most of this thread of blog posts will be about painting and trying to get my head around how you play the game successfully.

And now for some pictures of the Impetus games I played at the last club meeting. I had two fun games even though I lost both of them.....

All lined up ready for the Greeks to run over them

I do like my ART B base, shame it is rubbish really :(

This does not end well

Trust me this really does not end well

Well that seems to be a lot of angry Scots.....

Well at least some of them are dead

Look at all the pretty knights about to run over my troops

'Til next time.


P.S. Since this post was drafted gamer magpie has struck... will post what has got me next week :)

Friday, 17 April 2015

So where is it at?

Well, I guess it's here and it's now right?

In the way of all good magpies, I have at least a dozen projects on the go at any one time so thought I should chuck out some where I'm at photos so that I can come back in a few weeks time with some actual finished stuff!

Saga --> Impetus
So I painted a Byzantine army for Saga and while I liked Saga, the Byzantines didn't really fit for me. But I looked at what I had and realised that there was the vast majority of an Impetus army. Currently the necessary additional models are on their way here but this is what the lifecycle looks like.

The whole force is:
A base of Tagmatic Cavalry (en route)
Two bases of Thematic Cavalry (basing to finish)
A base of Outflanks (en route)
A double-base of Kataphraktoi (half en route)
Two large units of Skutatoi and supporting archers (half en route)
Two bases of Varangian mercenaries (basing to finish)
Three bases of skirmishers (en route)

Any good? No idea. Does it have silly hats and flags? YES!

If I can ever explain why I insist on pluralising the name of this game then I think I may have discovered some deep and secret universal truth. As it is, the relatively recent re-release of Infinity v3 has encouraged me to get on with the Yu Jing stuff I haven't done.

In this photo are the started units to add to my existing forces:
4 Shaolin Monks
5 Celestial Guard
A Su Jian Immediate Action Unit
A medical and engineering drone

Flames of War
For the last few years, I've really only played Flames of War a couple of times a year and mostly that's revolved around the annual doubles competition in Palmerston North known to Kiwi gamers as Panzerschreck. My partner in crime for this event is our most magpie-ish Tank Engine and this year we may have trawled new depths of special. We're taking Finns and Paratroopers. My half? Italian Paratroopers with Fallschirmjager and Heer allies.

The Italian Paras were done for, I think, the last singles Panzerschreck I went to which was a wee while ago so this stuff will be new and shiny. We have Brummbars, recoilless rifles and artillery to support my brave Paracadutisti.

I guess all this goes to prove is that I am a firm believer that if a gamer ever paints all his models, he dies. That might be the definition of a magpie...

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Bit of Sharing

Just spent a day or two painting some new models - and here they are. These guys are Warmachine/Hordes. The Gator is Calaban and the Gobber is a Tinker.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

It's All About the Basing

Hi I am the complete opposite of all these reprobates- incredibly tall, handsome and with a full head of hair.....oh wait. So that may not be entirely accurate - I am however the almost complete definition of a wargaming magpie. In my collection I have several Flames of War armies (German, Finnish, US, British, NZ, Russian, armour and infantry), Warmachine (3 Factions), Malifaux, Infinity, Battlefleet Gothic, Mordhiem, Necromunda, Dystopian Wars, Ronin, In Her Majesties Name, Dead Man's Hand, Imperial Romans, 12 Century Poles, Skirmish Sangin (modern Afghanistan), Zombies, 28mm WII, 6mm moderns (US and USSR), French and Indian wars, Napoleonics, WWII Naval....OMG this list is starting go get depressing and I am sure if SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) reads this - I will be sent to sell off at least some stuff. Therein lies my issue, not only am I a magpie but I am a hoarder as well. So my collection keeps expanding and the garage keeps shrinking. Although I love gaming, I also enjoy modelling and creating terrain. I have large collections of terrain form 6mm historical to 28mm Sci Fi. I love constructing and painting and then bringing a table together with as much wow factor as I can muster. I am currently attempting to paint my first 15mm Napoleonic army and finish up some Cephalyx and accompanying Mercs for Warmachine. Mind you I still have plenty of unpainted models to keep me going for some considerable time. Right then - time to crack on. Chur Tom

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Insert Compulsory Introduction Post Here

McBeth is forcing me to write an introduction so here it is!

I have played numerous systems over the years but currently (in the last 12 months) I play Warmachine, Flames of War, Impetus, Infinity and Napoleonics.

If I go back further than a year my list of games get depressingly long.

At this point in time I am trying to work out a crazy list for a 1000pt Flames of War doubles tournament. I think I have decided on a theme for the list and have almost worked out the worse pun for a team name,

On the painting table is Jarl and Bearka. Two Warlocks for my Trollblood Hordes army I haven't quite worked out what list I like yet. Still I have many trips to work on the train to play around with ideas.

Look forward to some WIP of my Warlocks, and somehow I ended up with 12 Battalions of 15mm Napoleonic infantry to paint and game with. Fun times ahead!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Relative Newbie

My the oldest member of this hearty band I am also the one with least experience in the world of miniatures. My introduction to this world came through Pelarel about 6 years ago through a chance meeting after life had kicked me in the nads. Needless to say I enjoyed it (the miniatures that is)....actually really liked it.

I have jumped in with both feet as slowly as possible tackling the world of Warmachine/Hordes first and foremost. At this time its the only real format I have played a proper game in. I am quite looking forward to trying more and sharing my experiences here for others to read and hopefully be intrigued by.

For me I love to build stuff so as well as painting miniatures I also like building terrain, tables and running events to allow others to experience the worlds I can help create.

I am going to blog about a current slow grow project I have on the boil. I am aiming to paint up and play a 50 point list of Cephalyx Mercenaries at Lords of War (local Warmachine Tournament in September).