Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Triple T - gaming it since 1981

Painting plans for the year.

Let's just pretend for a second that I'm actually going to paint all the stuff I'm about to mention, and not quit some in a fit of pique after losing a test game with silver surfers. Or find that another of the greatest games in the world have been published and I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE MOAR TOYS OMFG URK LOOK AT THAT SCULPT. Or just get sick of painting 128 28mm Macedonian pikemen and slash my wrists with one of those frigging annoying green sprues the manufacturers insist on sending out with their plastic boxes. Seriously. Why am I paying for that crap...

I've made an effort over the last year or so to rationalise the collection down to stuff I'm actually playing, and especially to historicals. Just the other week we playtested a game of By Fire and Sword and my opponent dragged out some 15 year old 15mm Mongols to table. Now, forgive me for saying it, but you won't see anyone taking out their decade-old Warhamster models except to remind themselves how much they splurged. Maybe a wee tear remembering the good old days.

Of course, because it's 15mm and no one's much interested in Eastern Europe <cough>racists<cough> I'll not be playing much of it, but I will at some point finish painting a skirmish force. By Fire and Sword is a pretty promising ruleset, so sooner or later people at the club will be bound to take it up. After all, it was four years after I suggested Impetus that McZ finally stopped laughing and pretended to introduce me to the game, and maybe three after Pelarel declared Bolt Action only worthy of taking out back and beating to death with a leek that he turned 180 and is now all in.

So Impetus. This is probably my go-to game at the moment. It's easy to get into, but with hidden depth, is somewhat easy to build an army for, and the guys seem to be able to concentrate on it. That said, I think the Polish Army I'm building will probably be the last. After all, this way I have a completed army from every period - Minoan, Successor, Roman, Viking, Medieval. So far I have the German Pikes mostly painted, and next is the Pancerni cavalry. Eventually... WINGED HUSSARS URK. This has to be finished in time for V3 in May. We shall see.

Mostly though I'm working on AWI Continentals for the demo game at Easter. Only two battalions to go! From there it will doubtless be a lot of Black Powder played.

After the AWI are two projects. I'm working on a brigade of 15mm Kingdom of Italy infantry, and some heavy cavalry to accompany them. I'm thinking they're actually not looking too shabby. Going all in and getting the AB minis seems to help compensate for my cartoonish painting style.

Next is a Swedish army for Pike and Shotte. I've picked up a lot of spare 30 Years War minis from the Regiment, and am planning on getting a few games in this year. It's a period I'm keen on, and there are a huge range of plastics to get me started.

And because I myself am not immune to a wee bit of the magpie-ism, there are now a few - stress on few - 1/285 scale Leopards and YPR-765's sitting in the to-do pile. Besides Team Yankee sounding like something you'd expect drunk uni students to indulge in, it looks to be a lot of fun. Am looking forward to seeing if there is any way in hell to stop the Soviet hordes with autocannons and TOWs!

Finally, a couple of years back Nick and I bought a great pile of Macedonians from Foundry. His Greek army was there, unfinished, and for the taking so I've swept them up and bundled them in with the excess from my Impetus Macedonian army. It's a brave decision, but I'm turning them into a DBMM Selecuid army. Nick would hate it. Really, seriously hate it. But hang in there bro, I'll finish them for you.

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