Saturday, 3 June 2023

Workbench week

A week of doing not very much on the painting front this week but I have started working on one of the projects I wanted to finish.

After I de-based my Teutonic Order to rebase them for ADLG, I was without a complete Kings of War army. The lads playing it at the club last week made me realised I needed to finish the one I had mostly done and some relatively recent releases from GW have made me think about how to finish it up.

So I started with a test base on my Dream Hunter:

It's still drying, but I hope that I can do this whole army over a mess of dark green grass and dark green puddles. I'm going to see how the puddle comes up and if it works, I'll make a bigger one on another base. 

Secondly, I've built and primed (and started on models not in the photo because they wouldn't stand up!) the last unit:

The last unit is a proper proxy for the one Night Stalker ranged unit, the Spectres. They're a really cool set of models and I'm using some of the best models in the Nighthaunt range for one of the worst units in the Night Stalkers list. Oh well. They're a really fun looking unit and they'll be a really nice blending in with the bits of the army with the flag and roses on the still ghosty models.

I still don't have a good proxy for most of the Monsters in the list and the Large Infantry but I'll have a poke around the range and see what comes up. Something that would stand in for a Mindscreech would be fun.

Next Time

Breachers? I have started a test model but decided I should also base the unit before I get into painting so half way through I stopped while the basing material dries. Oops. I'm also going to start rebasing a 15mm IMPETVS army into ADLG in the not too distant future and it's something I've never blogged, I don't think so should be a fun surprise. 

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