Saturday, 23 January 2021

Mistakes were made...




Oh so many mistakes. So many. I was planning to blog my game of Adeptus Titanicus with Scotty and Tank yesterday because I got to put my Warlord on the park. And I left my phone at home. So there are no pictures. It's a real shame as it was a great game - Scotty and Tank used their Knights for the first time (they're quite effective) and I got a charge off with the Warlord, promptly forgot to call the target on my charge attacks and so Scotty's Reaver did not get punched into next week. Disappointment.

But I think we've got a good handle on most of the rules now and the knights slotted in nicely. I think I'll try and give mine a run in our next game.

 Some Progress...

 I thought I'd take one of the Hexwraiths through to completion as they're stylistically a bit different from the rest of the Ghosties. I'm mostly pretty happy with how it's come out and it should fit in okay with the rest of the army. I haven't finished this one yet - I still have to highlight the bone, highlight the brown and finish highlighting the little flames. And then do this four more times.

...and more mistakes.

So turns out we're playing Star Wars Legion. Pelarel bought a starter box and then we just all leapt in like loonies.

Blogger Scotty and I have split a couple of starter boxes and we're both doing Scarif themed armies. I'm on the hunt for Shore Troopers and Death Troopers but for the moment, Krennic and some Storm Troopers will be where I start. Oh, and Vader. Because I have one and I can. 

I've got some fun plans for beach bases with water (Blogger Pel has given me some great advice on how to do this) and I am going to give GWs contrast paint a go for doing the Storm Trooper armour and Director Krennic's white uniform. Seems like a great opportunity to give it a go. 

Next Time

The finished Nighthaunt army in all it's glory. I should have started the basing process as well as I'll be doing lots of experiments with gloss gel medium and it's uses in making water. I *might* paint Darth Vader as I'm good at painting black! 

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