Saturday, 17 April 2021


 I have finished off the Invictor Tactical Warsuit for our 500 point club day: 

Invictor Tactical Warsuit

This kit is AWESOME. Mostly, I love the idea that a dreadnought-type robot suit is actually carrying and shooting a heavy bolter and I've been able to pose the driver looking down the barrel. I am most pleased. The silver arm is pretty loud and massive (especially in this photo) but it's pretty sweet! 

I've also written a bit of a background for the Kill Team going into our little slow grow campaign. I've been trying to work through a logical narrative for the growth choices in units and things. Part I is sneaking about, Part II will be the 'cavalry' coming to the rescue and Part III will be the big hitters. I have a sweet plan for part III and maybe half a plan for Part II but I might be building me a Deathwatch Land Speeder or two...

The Background

A jet-black Thunderhawk ripped through the atmosphere of Thracium VII. Lieutenant Athreos stood in the jump door waiting for a signal. There was something here, the Ordo Xenos was very rarely wrong about that, but their intel was incomplete and Fort Pykman had sent him to look deeper.

Spectrus Kill Team Kallaphrax had been dropped outside one of Thracium's principal settlements and had begun a steady infiltration into the outskirts of the city, seeking, hunting. Sergeant Kallaphrax was something of an oddity in the Phobos troops. A Minotaur, he had all that chapter's bombast in private, but he was the most skilled Infiltrator at Pykman. The Kill Team, assembled to the Aquila template, would be well served with his leadership. 

Athreos had also requisitioned an Invictor Warsuit for the mission and had been most pleased to be assigned Brother Syrran. Syrran hailed from the Imperial Fists and brought a methodical approach to battle that made the most of his Warsuit's arsenal, especially when paired with a headstrong Sergeant like Kallaphrax.

With the Kill Team and the Warsuit already in theatre, Athreos rode the Thunderhawk as it climbed back to the Deathwatch cruiser in orbit, still standing in the jump door, still waiting for a signal.

Shore Troopers

Here is the first squad half way through: 

WIP Shore Troopers I

I got this far with one and decided just to crack on. A drybrush of Vallejo Buff for the armour, German Camo Medium Brown for the fabric and boots before an Agrax Earthshade wash. From here I think the guns and visors are easy and I'll be doing very careful highlights on the armour and fabric before doing the baby-blue panels that need to go onto the whole squad.

I've also just noticed I forgot to paint the gloves on the kneeling guy. Damn.

Next Time

The Spectrus Kill Team's outings on Thracium VII will be documented for the blog and we'll see if Lieutenant Athreos makes it through the day! We've also got our annual club event coming up in few weeks and I have a bit of painting 15mm for that too. I've got a few stands of infantry, a couple of Tigers and a couple of armoured cars to do for the first of TWO planned outings for 653 Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung this year.  

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