Saturday, 3 April 2021

Spectrus Kill Team

 So I did do a bit of painting with my Easter weekend and got the rest of the Spectrus Kill Team finished for our club 500 point 40k games. 

 There's still one Helix Adept to do which I'll wait on until Blogger Scotty has been through his sprue box and seen if he can dig me out a new adept left arm, otherwise I'll make do with the kitbash.

The full Kill Team is below - a Reiver, two Incursors, an Eliminator and six Infiltrators.

 For our 500 point games, I might even consider using the Combat Squads rule and separating out the Incursors, the Reiver and a couple of the Infiltrators into a close-quarters squad and the rest of the Infiltrators and the Eliminator as an overwatch fire team. Should be fun! 


I have made meaningful progress on the second squad of Stormtroopers (having got all their base coats and washes down) so I've decided I can do the prep work on the Shore Troopers.  

So these SUPER SWEET models are headed to the primer today, along with the base for my second Titanicus Warhound (and some rhinos to go on it!) and I'm going to get started on making....a whole whack more shore bases too. 

Next Time

Club day so will probably be breaking out the Ghosties again for a game so will try and get some pictures of that madness and in the meantime I'll get to work finishing the Warhound, getting stuck into the Warsuit and getting the last of my Stormtroopers past the base coat / wash / constrast stage. 

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