Saturday, 20 February 2021

Almost there...


Starting with an oddly appropriate meme... 
Being on holiday and deciding to spend a day outdoors hasn't done anything meaningful for my productivity so my Stormtrooper output is decidedly poor.
Stormtrooper Squad 1

The squad is mostly done. Mostly. I still need to edge highlight all the weapons, put the whitecaps on the bases (which aren't bleeding dry yet!) and probably do a few white panels that need another quick top coat. I'm pretty happy with how they're coming along though.The important bit is that I have a good method for doing them - I smashed out most of the work on the last five in about three hours.

Stormtrooper Specialists
So while I wait for the bases to dry, I've prepped a new set of Stormtroopers before I wade into the second identical squad of Troopers. I've been learning a lot about how the gloss gel works too and I'm nearly confident enough to have a crack at the Speeder Bike bases.
Next Time
Complete Stormtroopers. I'm doing a bit of work on upgunning my Warhound Titans with Natrix Shock Lances so I'll be working on those this week too.  

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