Friday, 12 February 2021

Okay. Time to start on the hard stuff

So I'm doing another army that's mostly painted white. Again. 

I think I could probably go back a few months and find the post where I finished my Teutonic Order where I swore I'd never do this again. And yet here we are. But I have been making some progress with my Legion. Slowly.


Easy enough


Having done those, I've finished up all the models I have on hand that are black or mostly black. I'm really happy with how they're all coming out and the bases are a lot of fun. They're slow, but it's worth the effort. 

Next Time

More Legion I shouldn't wonder. And when I'm tired of that, I've got a pile of Deathwatch to do. So back to painting black. Maybe I should try doing some work in greyscale...

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