Saturday, 27 February 2021

And done.

 Stormtroopers. Finally.

Final detailing got done today, finally. Edge highlights, whitecaps and painting the mono-brows on all the helmets which I had completely forgotten about. 


So. Much. White.

I had a wee moment of terror when I sat down to paint yesterday and discovered the gloss gel was still frosty (and thus not quite dry yet) despite having sat on my painting desk for a week in 20+ degree heat here. In the end, I threw them back into the hot water cupboard overnight and lo! all was well. It was a good lesson on using the gel too that just left alone, it will dry very, very slowly. I'm still keen to get a few grasses on the bases but that'll be done in a couple of weeks when I get up to my LGS and can make sure I have enough to do the whole shebang.

Star Wars: Legion Thoughts

I played my first game yesterday, with Pel, Scotty, Tank and clubmate BB and his young apprentice. It was just a 400 point a-side game of Rebels vs Rebels (because I haven't painted all my toys yet) with one side taking two squads, a veteran squad, Leia and some Tauntauns vs three squads, Cassian Andor and an AT-RT.

It was a lot of fun. It was a one-all draw in the end with both sides having almost nothing left on the park. We learned that you shouldn't fight AT-RTs in combat, Tauntauns are really rather useful (except in combat with AT-RTs) and that I am REALLY looking forward to putting Vader on the park.

I really like the mission generation process and the way the dice mechanics work (although specialist dice....aaarrgghhh) as well as the simplicity of the unit coherence and movement rules. There's some clever balancing and subtlety in the order selection and the randomness of unit activation too. The game feels a bit like a boardgame with miniatures (not that that's a bad thing!) but it looks good and plays very smoothly. I am looking forward to putting my own army on the table.

New Adeptus Titanicus firepower! 

Just primed but they'll be mounted on titans fairly swiftly

The FW casts are new and crisp and they look great. There's something innately nice about new casts. The Gatling Blasters are going to be sweet on top of my Warlord and I'm prepping a bunch of new carapace weapons for my Reavers as well as I'm tinkering with the kit layout to better reflect how I want to use the titans. I might even consider magnets. Might. 

Next Time

Probably more Star Wars, although I'm starting to work my way through a list design for a Flames of War event at our annual club competition later in the year and that might wind up adding some new priorities to the list but it looks like I'll be rolling out 653 SchwerePanzerjager again.

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