Saturday, 6 March 2021

The magpie struggle is real

So, honestly, a bit all over the shop this week. I haven't really been able to keep my magpie under control and have been bouncing all over the place between projects. Today is a bit of a check in for me to try and focus a bit more!

 Things I have not yet completed

The second Warhound, looking a bit jestery
All my titans look like this at the start. The flat panel colours go down before a wash and then the careful sponging of a pattern on the top to really make the panels pop. It's been ages since I looked at one in this state. It has reminded me of just how much trim there are on these things and I'm not looking forward to that. It is probably my last AT titan for the foreseeable future. Basically until Forge World makes a Banelord. Then I am all in. 
Rough. Very rough.

Scotty and Pooch have both started on their slow-grows for 2021 so I figured I should start on mine. We're talking about some 500 point 9e late in April so I should get the new sneaky Kill Team done by then. Figured I'd start with the Incursors, then the Eliminators and finally the Infiltrators. Then some characters and the sweet sweet Warsuit.

Almost there. 

The four Stormtrooper Specialists haven't been too bad, although those orange shoulders with black trim definitely lead to some language my painting desk doesn't see all that often. They should probably have been done in pieces. I'll give myself a small pass on these as the bases aren't dry yet so hammering through the whites didn't seem like a whole heck of a lot of point. 
Things I have (amazingly) completed
Ululatos Os rearmed

Adding the Natrix Shock Lance is going to make these things SO much scarier. Run up, take advantage of Vulpa's bonus to hit at super short range, and the range bonus on the shock lance to hit something and aim to damage it and making it suffer Emergency Shut Down. Oh yeah.

Test Deathtrooper

And lazy me did a Deathtrooper. Just to see how long it took. The answer is about 25 minutes. A lot of that was waiting for washes to dry. It has four colours and two wash colours. The rest of the unit will take....a couple of hours at most.

Next Time

A rerun of last years Gaslands Annual. Now that we have a slightly better handle on the game, hoping we'll make it past gate one this time!! 

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