Saturday, 20 March 2021

Deathy things

So deathy things are the theme for this week.

 Death Troopers

 I got my Death Troopers for Star Wars: Legion finished up this week. 

Krennic's Bodyguard

I'll admit, it's pretty much solid black with some very dark highlights. Blogger Pooch and I are competing for simplest Legion colour scheme right now. I thought I was winning with six. I was wrong! They were a nice easy little unit to knock off. I will be going through and putting gloss varnish on all their eyes (with all my Stormtroopers too) but that'll be one big project once everything else is done. In the meantime, these are back in the hot water cupboard finishing off the drying out of the gel bases.

Slow DW Progress

I think we're planning on some 500 point Crusade games of 9e 40K in April sometime. And so far I have painted most of three models, only two of which I need for my sneaky Kill Team. I kind of need to crack on methinks!


I've basically got to do all the final highlights on these guys to do and put some flock on the bases. It has been good to remind myself how these models paint up and how I do them! It has been a while. But happy enough with how they're coming together. 

Next Time

I think I might be able to get the Ghosties on the table for a game next weekend, which will be cool. I still haven't based that army yet, so it'll be a good excuse to start on that when I've played that game. So you should get a batrep of that game, some finished Deathwatch Marines and, if I'm super diligent (?) then I'll be trying to crack through the last of my Stormtroopers...

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