Saturday, 22 May 2021

653 Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yep, that's a lazy title if ever I've written one. 

With an event under my belt last weekend, there hasn't been a huge desire to get behind the brushes this week so I've been hitting the workbench pretty hard getting the assembly done for another event in about six weeks.



Do I need to own 5 Elefants? Probably not. But I do now, so I'mma run with that. Plus this army is going to look amazing. Idiotic, but amazing. These were not the most enjoyable models I've assembled. The flash was positively insane and the barrels still aren't as straight as I'd like. They're getting there though. I suspect I'll find more as I go which will require ruining more scalpel blades. I do like the new plastic tank commander sprue that BF are using now though, they look great.


These Wespes are a result of a conversation with blogger Pooch about adding artillery and me lamenting I couldn't find anything for less than 10 points. After his suggestion to not have a man look I added Wespes, something I've always wanted to field, which was a nice bonus. So they're ready to paint, along with their crew. 

 There's also a unit of SdKfz 7/1 Quad AA halftracks to put together, but at this point, I haven't quite given up the will to live so the 9,000 parts that are required for each model remain unassembled. I'll get there but I won't enjoy it. 

Hopefully this week the out of print foliage I ordered from the US will arrive and I can get to work on these boys. I'm starting to plot whether I could run 653 and a Puma company in a normal event to try and pare back the awful imbalance that 5 Elefants requires. I suspect not...

Shores? Sure

Emplacement Trooper Number 1

This guy has just gone off to sit in the hot water cupboard for the next three to four days to ensure that the gel basing sets completely. I've recently re-cooked my entire Legion collection to make sure it's all properly dry. I'm still thinking I'd like to chuck a bit of grass on the bases too, but I haven't found something I like yet.

Next Time

Some club day pics I think. The first outing of Victory at Sea is happening and I'll be hopefully rolling the Shores out for the first full scale outing of the Scarif Beach Party. I have to get the second one painted for that, but I think that's achievable. I've also floated the idea of a 40K game so I'll see if that happens too. Might get the Guard out again. 

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