Sunday, 2 May 2021

Pooch's April update

And with that, April is gone. I vaguely recall saying in an earlier blog that whichever month it was my most challenging yet at work. That was true then, but now it has been well trumped by this month!

Will May be any better? Who knows!

But you aren't here for that, you are here to find out how I went with my painting goals.. 

1. Finish a table of terrain

Keeping on with my Frostgrave theme, this month I finished up an ominously shaped rock/statue for the table.

I picked up the polystyrene skull from a local sewing/craft shop a long time ago for about $2. I bought it... about a year ago I think, and when I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to build more TT Combat terrain, it seemed the easiest way to get something done for this goal!

I carved the skull down so it would sit flat on the table, and gave it an overall spray with a dark grey spray. Being polystyrene, the aerosol ate into the surface, giving it a really cool pitted look. I thought this might happen, but wasn't 100% sure! Then painted on dark grey paint, then a light grey spray over top to match my other buildings. A bit of snow, and we are done!

It is quite a large skull....

2. Play a game a month

Two games played and blogged!

3. Finish a 1,500 point 40k army

I had a slower start to this month, which when combined with us confirming that this month would be when we started the 500 point narrative games, it made for a fair bit of a problem!

The solution? Paint something that was a bit more simple than the fully white armoured sisters- Repentia!

Super dynamic poses, and super large eviscerators!

To lead them into battle, I added a Repentia Superior... She is literally throwing the book at the enemy.

Another lovely plastic model from the sisters range

And since I was doing one Sister in white armour, I figured I would do another one while I was at it, the Imagifier!

Some serious arm muscles required to lift that banner aloft!

4. Finish armies that I have part started

Ok, so Valleycon is next month, and I really needed to get ahead of painting this month. And, conveniently for me, I did!

I finished eight Greyhounds....

Pink air recognition markings denote unit leaders

Ten Jeeps...

So. Many. Crew.....

and a full Engineer Platoon!

More infantry!

The list is now just missing Stuarts and Shermans. Totally doable before the 15th!

5. Buy, build and play a new game

The Droid horde continues to grow, this time adding Commando Droids! 

Once again, contrast comes to the fore, with basilicanum grey over top of a leadbelcher undercoat. 

Seven of the sneakiest droids you will ever see (or not see as the case might be!)
The shields are so cool- this one has his blaster going through it!

I have a horde of B1s still to go, I think they will need to be the focus for next month...

Progress. Oh yes.... progress is good........


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  1. another busy month Poochie, love the armoured recon!