Thursday, 9 April 2015

First post - an introduction!

Hi all!

McBeth here and dropping the first post on The Regiment's blog. Its an introduction post so not the most exciting thing you'll read here (hopefully)!

Let myself tell you a little about errr, myself. 40 is just around the corner and I have been playing with toy soldiers since I realised that my lego firemen looked like army men waaaay back in the 70's. I guess I've 'seriously' been involved in wargaming since I was 13 and my dad dropped me off at the venerable Wellington Wargames Society meeting one sunny Saturday afternoon. Since then little metal toy soldiers have been a big part of my life.

In the main I play Battlefront's Flames of War and have done so since 2000. In the following 15 years it has been my main game system and I've be fortunate to not only be quite good at the game but since first encountering it in 2000, I have been a lead playtester for the company and have had several writing credits in several books and pdf publications.

That doesn't make me much of a wargaming magpie though, does it?

Well, my interests spread further than 15mm WWII. I'm currently enjoying Impetus, Napoleonics, Infinity, Dead Man's Hand, In Her Majesty's Name, Smooth and Rifled and the other guys here have recently brow beaten me into playing WarmaHordes.

Why the blog and why so many contributors? Easy: we are lazy :) All of us were interested in having a blog, but none of us thought we had enough interesting things to blog about so the combined effort was born.

On with the blog then!

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  1. Best of luck with the blog guys. See if you can add a follower widget thingumie, and it will make it easy for folks to follow your exploits!