Friday, 17 April 2015

So where is it at?

Well, I guess it's here and it's now right?

In the way of all good magpies, I have at least a dozen projects on the go at any one time so thought I should chuck out some where I'm at photos so that I can come back in a few weeks time with some actual finished stuff!

Saga --> Impetus
So I painted a Byzantine army for Saga and while I liked Saga, the Byzantines didn't really fit for me. But I looked at what I had and realised that there was the vast majority of an Impetus army. Currently the necessary additional models are on their way here but this is what the lifecycle looks like.

The whole force is:
A base of Tagmatic Cavalry (en route)
Two bases of Thematic Cavalry (basing to finish)
A base of Outflanks (en route)
A double-base of Kataphraktoi (half en route)
Two large units of Skutatoi and supporting archers (half en route)
Two bases of Varangian mercenaries (basing to finish)
Three bases of skirmishers (en route)

Any good? No idea. Does it have silly hats and flags? YES!

If I can ever explain why I insist on pluralising the name of this game then I think I may have discovered some deep and secret universal truth. As it is, the relatively recent re-release of Infinity v3 has encouraged me to get on with the Yu Jing stuff I haven't done.

In this photo are the started units to add to my existing forces:
4 Shaolin Monks
5 Celestial Guard
A Su Jian Immediate Action Unit
A medical and engineering drone

Flames of War
For the last few years, I've really only played Flames of War a couple of times a year and mostly that's revolved around the annual doubles competition in Palmerston North known to Kiwi gamers as Panzerschreck. My partner in crime for this event is our most magpie-ish Tank Engine and this year we may have trawled new depths of special. We're taking Finns and Paratroopers. My half? Italian Paratroopers with Fallschirmjager and Heer allies.

The Italian Paras were done for, I think, the last singles Panzerschreck I went to which was a wee while ago so this stuff will be new and shiny. We have Brummbars, recoilless rifles and artillery to support my brave Paracadutisti.

I guess all this goes to prove is that I am a firm believer that if a gamer ever paints all his models, he dies. That might be the definition of a magpie...

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