Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ginger people can use the internet too? Amazing.

Since McBeth has got this thing rolling, I guess I'll chip in with another introduction.

I'm the other bearded, balding, Scots-extracted occasional kilt-wearer who's going to ramble in amongst this group of like-minded, lazy, magpie gamers.

I've been gaming since a couple of mates picked up a copy of GWs Space Marine at an NZ wargaming Nationals some time in the early 90s and brought it round and we played on my dining room table. Then I moved on to Warhammer and 40K and then to DBM when I discovered just how far supermarket wages went when you're playing 15mm!

These days, I'm trying to pare back the number of systems that I try to wedge into my gaming time but Warmachine, Flames of War, Impetus, Dead Man's Hand, Infinity and In Her Majesty's Name are all on the roster with maybe, just maybe, the new version of Dystopian Wars finally getting me to paint my Italian fleet.

What am I going to blog about? My impending adventures attempting to paint the acres of white cloth that is painting a Teutonic Order army for Impetus, rediscovering the joys of Flames of War on big tables and my genius tech that will see me to glorious victory in an upcoming Warmachine campaign with some of my fellow authors.


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