Saturday, 18 April 2015

Prinny tries again.... and again

So I picked up my package from the post shop today :)

As you can see it is full of Hordes figures, the Privateer Press (PP) all in one. Army boxes are amazing value.

Warmachine / Hordes (Warmahordes) and I have had a long and, up to this point, unsuccessful history. I started to play way back with MK1 of the rules with figures purchased for Kahdor, Mercs, Cryx and Circle factions.

With MK2 of the rules coming out I tried again to get into the game. I tried with Retribution, Menoth and Mercs again, but again I failed to click with the game.

So why try again? Well, two main reasons:

1, In NZ the warmahordes community is large and that means that there is a good organised play scene with the Press Gangers in Wellington doing an amazing job here.

2, It is a good game, I like a lot of what the rules are trying to do and I enjoy the background of the world that PP has created.

So I am trying out Skorne this time. My plan for most of this thread of blog posts will be about painting and trying to get my head around how you play the game successfully.

And now for some pictures of the Impetus games I played at the last club meeting. I had two fun games even though I lost both of them.....

All lined up ready for the Greeks to run over them

I do like my ART B base, shame it is rubbish really :(

This does not end well

Trust me this really does not end well

Well that seems to be a lot of angry Scots.....

Well at least some of them are dead

Look at all the pretty knights about to run over my troops

'Til next time.


P.S. Since this post was drafted gamer magpie has struck... will post what has got me next week :)

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