Thursday, 9 April 2015

oo oo me too!

My turn for introductions I guess.

I'm another balding, bearded, middle aged (getting a bit of a theme here!) gamer magpie in Wellington. Though this time my origins are slightly to the South west of Scotland and slightly more recent, oh Land of My fathers, Cymru am Byth etc etc..

I've been sort of wargaming since my early teens with MB Game's Space Crusade, then onto GW's Space Hulk then WH40K. very much the staple of my wargaming until 10 years ago when I started discovering that there were other wargames companies than GW!!!

Now I play and TO rather a lot of Warmachine but also dabble in Infinity, Flames of War, Ambush Alley (and Valley) and anything else that grabs my fancy for a few months.

I'm currently painting up some minis for The Unleashed RPG from Privateer Press and then have a box of unloved lead and plastic for Flames of war and Warmachine to blog about :)

Churs for now!


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