Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Insert Compulsory Introduction Post Here

McBeth is forcing me to write an introduction so here it is!

I have played numerous systems over the years but currently (in the last 12 months) I play Warmachine, Flames of War, Impetus, Infinity and Napoleonics.

If I go back further than a year my list of games get depressingly long.

At this point in time I am trying to work out a crazy list for a 1000pt Flames of War doubles tournament. I think I have decided on a theme for the list and have almost worked out the worse pun for a team name,

On the painting table is Jarl and Bearka. Two Warlocks for my Trollblood Hordes army I haven't quite worked out what list I like yet. Still I have many trips to work on the train to play around with ideas.

Look forward to some WIP of my Warlocks, and somehow I ended up with 12 Battalions of 15mm Napoleonic infantry to paint and game with. Fun times ahead!

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