Wednesday, 15 April 2015

It's All About the Basing

Hi I am the complete opposite of all these reprobates- incredibly tall, handsome and with a full head of hair.....oh wait. So that may not be entirely accurate - I am however the almost complete definition of a wargaming magpie. In my collection I have several Flames of War armies (German, Finnish, US, British, NZ, Russian, armour and infantry), Warmachine (3 Factions), Malifaux, Infinity, Battlefleet Gothic, Mordhiem, Necromunda, Dystopian Wars, Ronin, In Her Majesties Name, Dead Man's Hand, Imperial Romans, 12 Century Poles, Skirmish Sangin (modern Afghanistan), Zombies, 28mm WII, 6mm moderns (US and USSR), French and Indian wars, Napoleonics, WWII Naval....OMG this list is starting go get depressing and I am sure if SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) reads this - I will be sent to sell off at least some stuff. Therein lies my issue, not only am I a magpie but I am a hoarder as well. So my collection keeps expanding and the garage keeps shrinking. Although I love gaming, I also enjoy modelling and creating terrain. I have large collections of terrain form 6mm historical to 28mm Sci Fi. I love constructing and painting and then bringing a table together with as much wow factor as I can muster. I am currently attempting to paint my first 15mm Napoleonic army and finish up some Cephalyx and accompanying Mercs for Warmachine. Mind you I still have plenty of unpainted models to keep me going for some considerable time. Right then - time to crack on. Chur Tom

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere chaps! Good to see all you Hutt boys putting yourselves out there. Get yourselves a followers gadget so I can keep updated on your misadventures :-)